A Basic insight on how planets appear to or actually move about in the sky.

Astronomy – Zodiac Part 3

Have you wondered why all planets are seen only in ZODIAC BELT FROM EARTH ??? When the sky is so big. Please refer previous blogs for understanding the basic. We know that Zodiac extent is 8 degrees North and South of Ecliptic (Suns apparent orbit around earth). It is Seen that all planets from earth... Continue Reading →

Astronomy – The Zodiac Part 2

Please read the previous blog before reading this one. What to See? See the horizon (labelled in diagram). Horizon is a plane where earth and sky seem to meet. See where EAST and WEST are placed in the Diagram Notice the Sun position (it may be around 10 am). See ECLIPTIC - Sun's path as Solid... Continue Reading →

Astronomy – The Zodaic

Well, understanding of ASTRONOMY is the most important for Astrology. Our ancestors looked at the sky from earth and made predictions based on planets and their positions. Though the Earth moves around the Sun.On Earth, Sun appears to be moving around the Earth in a particular orbit called as "ECLIPTIC" 8 degrees north and 8... Continue Reading →

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