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Astrologically Explained is now

Divination Now is just not limited to Astrology (Kundli) Readings but to other forms also divination.

Divination Services :

1. Tarot Card Reading

2. Oracle Card Reading

3. Lenormand Card Reading

4. Astrology (Kundli) Reading

5. Pendulum Dowsing

6. Treasure Charm Casting

Upcoming Services: Divination by Runes, Crystal Therapy, Scrying.

In case if you want your reports / predictions. You can get them Now through our blog. All you have to do is select the type of the report you need. The prices are less than a cup of coffee at your nearest Starbucks !

All Kundli predictions – are based on Astrological Principles and not on arbitrary random stuff. The principles used for prediction will also be sent alongwith your copy.

Predictions by Divination tools follow a system that has been thoroughly studied and as per patterns followed through ages.

All information on the blog is not copy-paste. Its Hours of reading and self notes. Pay a tribute by following us !

Divination Choice

Tarot Card Reading

(Recommended for Situation Analysis, Advice and Outcome)

  1. General Reading for Year: @ Rs 199 / 2.99 $
    1. Includes:
      1. One Card Reading for Year
      2. 12 Cards Reading – One for each Month
  2. Reading for a Specific Issue: @ Rs 499 / 10$
    1. Reading includes 5-7 cards only
  3. In Depth Reading: @Rs 999 / 15$ (RECOMMENDED and BESTSELLER ! )
    1. Includes Detailed Card Reading (> 8 Cards) +
    2. Three Card Oracle – For Advice and Guidance

Oracle Card Reading

(Recommended Mainly for Guidance or Advice on particular Matter – Spiritual Advice)

  1. General Insight for Year : @Rs 199 / 2.99$
    1. Five Card Reading – 4 Guidance Card for 3 months each and one for Year
  2. Guidance for Particular Issue: @Rs 399 / 5.99$
    1. 3 Card Reading – Important Insight and Guidance for each of Past, Present and Future.

Lenormand Card Reading

(Recommended for Practical Matters – Less of Spiritual and situational insight)

  1. Reading for a Particular Issue @Rs 199 / 2.99$
    1. 3 – Card Reading

Astrology (Kundli) Reading

OPTION 1: SPECIFIC READING: One specific Question (any Aspect of Life) @ Rs 999 / 15 $ (General Reading not included)

OPTION 2: DETAILED READING – Includes General and one specific Question @ Rs 1999 / 30 $

Pendulum Dowsing

(IDEAL FOR YES/NO Questions)

  1. 10 Yes and No Questions @ RS 99 / 1.99$



  1. Reading for Specific Issue: @Rs 499 / 10$
    1. Makes use of Charms for Casting Divination


PLEASE PAY FIRST : Refer Notes Section below and fill the form given below

Indian Users can pay via Paytm

International Users can pay via PayPal


Click here for Payment

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Please fill the form below

“If you are not sure how much to pay – just fill in the above form and I will mail you the payment link with the amount to be paid”


  1. Please Pay FIRST and fill in the above correctly.
  2. The more specific you are on your question, the better the reading you will get. Avoid when and yes/no questions for Tarot/ Oracle/ Lenormand Reading.
  3. You will receive Confirmation by e-mail within 24 hours once you have made the payment and filled the form
  4. Readings will be with detailed analysis personally done by me with images and explanations. You will get a digital pdf copy of your reading.
  5. Readings will Take 5-7 working days.
  6. Most reading will be delivered by Saturday Night.
  7. Astrology Kundli Readings will take up to 14 days.
  8. Be rest assured your payment is in safe hands and you will get the readings in due time.
  9. I do not provide Astrological Remedies.
  10. Reading Ethics:
    1. Readings should be done for yourself
    2. If you are asking to read someone else then
      1. Their consent is necessary or
      2. Consent may not be required if it is going to affect you or your life in someway.
    3. Remember Bad Intentions invite bad Karma

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