Payment Related Queries & FAQs

(Scroll Down for Direct Form Filling) - But it is worth to go through FAQs Before you fill the form !
A: Yes. 100%. Readings are delivered within a time frame with Zero Failures in Delivery Rate. 

2. Can I cancel my Order or get a Refund ?
A: Please refer to REFUND POLICY. 

3. I am unable to Pay / There is some payment Glitch / Payment Process is Confusing / I have selected multiple readings and dont know final amount / Payment Link not working - What should I do ? 
A: Please fill the form below. I will send you a Payment Link - with final amount. 

4. I have Paid but haven't filled any form / Submitted my queries. 
A: Payment and your Questions are both essential for a reading. Delays may happen if you fail to submit your questions. If you haven't received the Form asking for questions - Please fill the form below. 

5. Should I pay via Paytm or Paypal ? 
A: If you are an Indian Client, would request you to pay via Paytm. International Clients can pay via PayPal. For International Clients, please set your currency to USD before paying. We are accepting only INR/ USD. 

6. When will My readings get delivered ?
A: Readings are delivered once your order is confirmed. Your order is only confirmed when I receive both your QUERIES and PAYMENT. You will get a mail regarding order confirmation. We follow the WEEKEND DELIVERY POLICY - means readings are delivered on the end of Second Weekend from the date of order confirmation. Please Read: WEEKEND DELIVERY POLICY. 

7. I Paid but I did not receive any mail on readings or confirmation. 
A: You will receive a mail for both ORDER CONFIRMATION and READINGS. Please Check your Spam/ Junk Folder

8. How do I get connected with the site and receive free monthly readings updates and all new resources ? 
A: On the home page - Follow our Blog. We do not Spam. These are WordPress official Mails. 

9. I am unable to decide which Reading I should take / What to ask ?
A: Please Fill the form below - I will guide you OR you can refer the Blog: Which Type of Reading to take ? 

10. Is there possibility of any delay in getting the readings ?
A: Ideally, No. But since Divination is more related to Energy, and if my energy is not conducive for reading - Readings can get delayed. BUT YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED in case of such issue. 

11. How will I get readings ? Is there a possibility of Phone Talk / Live readings ? 
A: You will get your readings by Mail in pdf format. Currently, I am not doing Live / Phone Readings. Only mode of Communication will be through Mails. 

12. After the readings, I have too many questions or Queries ? What should I do ? Do I need to pay again ?
A: Queries will be answered only via mails. Please note that if additional queries leads to fresh drawing of new cards/ spreads - it will be chargeable. Queries are basically clarification you will get on the readings from the same cards drawn. 

13. Should I give some background details on my issue ? 
A: The more specific you are the better the reading. Frame your question better rather than simple Yes/No / when / where. What, Why and Hows are favorable Questions to ask. Background details can help readings but that I leave up to you to decide - to provide or not. 

14. I felt the the readings were totally bizarre or completely out of resonance. What should I do ? 
A: Best efforts are made to give the best accurate readings. In case you feel the reading are totally bizarre - you are not yet ready to receive the answer by the Universe. But from Business stand point of view - Kindly email us the issue (Fill the form below). Note that readings once done, are not refundable. You are paying for the time I give to read your cards not for outcome/ accuracy quality. 

15. What Spread will be used for readings - Celtic cross or any other specific ? 
A: Spreads are custom made as per your queries. In case you want a particular spread (Like Celtic Cross) Please specify - You can fill the form below.

16. Should I really opt for reading and trust your readings or site ? 
A: That is up to you. But be aware the site is live since 2015 in name of and now it is divination geek. I have been readings since 2012-13 in a professional way. This is some information about me - You can decide after that. Till Date have had zero failures in Delivering Reports and Zero Complaints on quality of Readings. Read about MY STORY OF DIVINATION GEEK and About me. 

17. I need a different category of reading - Not mentioned in the regular categories like Yearly Reading - Can I get it ? 
A: Yes. Please fill the form below - I will get back to you and the amount it will cost you. 

18. Is there something Free of Value on this site or is it strictly Business / professional outlook for Divination ? 
A: All Monthly readings are free. All Blogs point to my personal notes in Divination. The reason you are paying for the readings is because Divination is my Passion and not my Profession. To keep the site running Live and make up for the costs - you are charged (Plus there are no ads or spamming). Also, energy exchange is always essential when it comes to Divination Reading or it can invite Bad karma. 

19. Your site mentions somewhere about other Divination Readings like - Astrology, Tarot , Oracle, Gypsy Cards, Charm Casting, Kundli Readings, Runes, etc. But I can't find them under the tab GET YOUR READINGS ? 
A: Yes, Services are provided in rotations based on personal energy levels. So you may find at times that the reading tab is completely missing or few categories are not available. I dont want to read for you if my energies are weak for that category of readings. 


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