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(M.D.S. – Master of Dental Surgery – Prosthodontics and Implantology) – a Dentist by profession. I have my clinic at Fort, Mumbai.

Divination / fortune telling as you may say it has always lured me since many years perhaps as far as i can remember since my childhood days in school, where i used to buy astrology and particularly fortune telling books. It just filled me with joy. Those were days when i used numerology particularly to find missing objects at home.

The actual study started in a more organised fashion since 2013 as soon as I completed my Post Grad Degree. It all started with Tarot Cards. Books of tarot took most time of my day where nights were filled with Card readings for myself, friends and family members.

This was simultaneously followed with Palmistry to a certain extent. The tarot journey continued in the mean time.

In 2015, Vedic Astrology and Kundli was my major focus and went in great depths reading books and hours on you tube tutorials. This was followed with multiple chart interpretations. The result was my WordPress BLOG: ASTROLOGICALLY EXPLAINED. Lots of self made notes and diagrams were the center point of my blog which helped me clear my concepts.

The Blog had enormous traffic that reached 10,000 views in less than 6 months – Much more than what I expected. In 2018 I made i made the site a paid – No more wordpress.com extension it was astrologicallyexplained.com. Today the site has 25,000+ views

Over the years – I also got in depth in terms of DIVINATION – which included Psychic Practices, Oracle Cards, Lenormand Cards, Charm Casting , Meditation, Shamanism, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Pendulum Dowsing.

So, my hard work of Blog had to include a broader perspective on a number of Divination Tools – and could not be limited to Astrology.

With Such an enthusiasm for Divination since years – the slang term Geek was what i found appropriate and hence the Astrologically Explained.com is now DIVINATIONGEEK.COM

Being a Doctor and having such beliefs in divination is a question that raises often – but being in passion about divination I can tell you that its not about Right or wrong predictions – Its about Connecting with the One – the Source where everything has come from and I find Divination and good dentistry are the same paths to that Source.

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