#9 Bhavat Bhavam

or THE HOUSE TO HOUSE SERIES.. Well, this is a concept in Astrology called as Bhavat Bhavam. Lets start with an example. Supposing you are seeing an astrological reading for children of a person from the person's chart. Then to see the person's children you refer his 5th house. Right ? (#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses... Continue Reading →

#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8)

Continued from... #5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4) Lets See the remaining Houses: 5th House: represents -  Love, Romance Creativity Speculation / Gambling Investment in Stock Markets YOUR CHILDREN Your UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION Body Part: Stomach           6th House represents: - ITS A BAD HOUSE - Refered to as " Dustana" House Obstructions, Difficulties... Continue Reading →

#4 Houses – Basics of Kundli

Have a look at the table if its still difficult to understand.. This shall clear up... Please read OLD Blogs to understand this: #2 Houses – Basics of Kundli and #3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example Look at the table below: Article: By Dr. Rujit Desai Please Click FOLLOW button to learn more and... Continue Reading →

#1. Houses: Basics of Kundli

by: Dr. Rujit Desai Have your ever seen a horoscope ? Yes, indeed you must have even if you dont believe in astrology... you must have seen somewhere Below is the chart you must have seen commonly: This is a Kundli (or Horoscope) It consists of  Square with 2 diagonals and 4 other lines from... Continue Reading →

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