#4 Houses – Basics of Kundli

Have a look at the table if its still difficult to understand.. This shall clear up... Please read OLD Blogs to understand this: #2 Houses – Basics of Kundli and #3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example Look at the table below: Article: By Dr. Rujit Desai Please Click FOLLOW button to learn more and... Continue Reading →

#1. Houses: Basics of Kundli

by: Dr. Rujit Desai Have your ever seen a horoscope ? Yes, indeed you must have even if you dont believe in astrology... you must have seen somewhere Below is the chart you must have seen commonly: This is a Kundli (or Horoscope) It consists of  Square with 2 diagonals and 4 other lines from... Continue Reading →

Jaimini Astrology Snippets

KARKAMASA LAGNA The Navamsha occupied by Atmakarka (planet with highest degree) PADA/AROODHA LAGNA It is as many houses away from the position of the lagna lord, as the Lagna lord is from Lagna UPAPADA LAGNA It is as many houses away from the position pf 12th Lord, as 12th lord is from 12th house. RAJYOGAS:... Continue Reading →

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