Thank you for your support ! is now  This is all possible due to readers support ! Started as a note making in the form of blog. And now its a notes section for everybody ! No More Ads !  Have an ad Free reading ! So that ads don't interfere with your reading and stream of thoughts Continue to... Continue Reading →

Houses Depicting Body Parts

Take a look at Houses Depicting Body Parts In simpler terms for predictions - Afflicted / Spoiled Houses will give the diseases of that organ (This is just basic - there are many things to be seen apart from just this one !) The Parts are based on concept of Kalapurusha. Note that your birth... Continue Reading →

Houses Depicting Relationships

Take a look at following Diagram: Understand which house represents what relationship - it will help you in your readings. So, in simpler terms for predictions if your 8th house is spoiled - Relation with your in-laws will be in trouble. *** Note that Father is included for Both 9th house and 10th House. Some... Continue Reading →


Hello, I have launched a YouTube Channel THE RD CHANNEL - In case you want to have  a look at the videos - I have provided the links to the video below. Do note that channel is updated frequently so you may not find all video listings here. If you are interested kindly have look... Continue Reading →

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