Houses Depicting Body Parts

Take a look at Houses Depicting Body Parts In simpler terms for predictions - Afflicted / Spoiled Houses will give the diseases of that organ (This is just basic - there are many things to be seen apart from just this one !) The Parts are based on concept of Kalapurusha. Note that your birth... Continue Reading →

Houses Depicting Relationships

Take a look at following Diagram: Understand which house represents what relationship - it will help you in your readings. So, in simpler terms for predictions if your 8th house is spoiled - Relation with your in-laws will be in trouble. *** Note that Father is included for Both 9th house and 10th House. Some... Continue Reading →

#9 Bhavat Bhavam

or THE HOUSE TO HOUSE SERIES.. Well, this is a concept in Astrology called as Bhavat Bhavam. Lets start with an example. Supposing you are seeing an astrological reading for children of a person from the person's chart. Then to see the person's children you refer his 5th house. Right ? (#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses... Continue Reading →

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