Planets: Debilitation Signs – Quick Notes

Planet in a debilitated signs is considered as Weak Planet. It usually fails to give the effects as per its nature or rather gives negative effect. Keep the below notes handy while you are learning astrology. This is something you need to know by heart when reading astrology charts.

Expect today !

Its time to really expect what you want ! Try it once Just expect For a good dayFor some money from unknown sourcesFor a GiftFor a surprise Its nature - nothing can exist in vacuum. By expecting you create a vacuum for your desire and universe will fill that vacuum of desire

Houses Depicting Body Parts

Take a look at Houses Depicting Body Parts In simpler terms for predictions - Afflicted / Spoiled Houses will give the diseases of that organ (This is just basic - there are many things to be seen apart from just this one !) The Parts are based on concept of Kalapurusha. Note that your birth... Continue Reading →

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