Power Animal – Who is your animal ?

In Shamanism it is believed that all natural objects in universe has spirit or soul in them. Power animals in simplest terms are guides in the that meet you in your dreams, shamanic journey or vision quests.They provide guidance needed. In the shamanic belief every thing is alive and carries with it power and wisdom.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reading (Dec 2-8)

👼🏻 Yay ! This week is all about wishes fullfilled ! 🙋🏻‍♀️ The card shows abundance in food - fruits, vegetables and cakes. There is a beau flower vase on the table and keys. These are the keys to locked doors. The room opens into beautiful scenic places and for some it may indicate travel... Continue Reading →


What does 11/11 hold significance in terms of spirituality. Read a 2 min blog - who knows the message might be just for you !

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