Charm Casting Reading

Charm Casting Date: 6 Nov 2019 Q: Message for days ahead: Nov 6 - 10 General Reading  Interpretations:  The seeker is outside and below the circle - suggesting seeker will have little control over the situation and will be anxiousHis main concern is continuation of what he is pursuing (3 of Dice) The time and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Card Pick

Let this weekend be the time to relax. Its time for a cleansing. Cleansing of your mind, body, spirit. The card shows an image of a witch who is having a relaxing cleansing bathe in water. She removed all her witch suits. The candles are an important use by the witch. But here they are... Continue Reading →

Expect today !

Its time to really expect what you want ! Try it once Just expect For a good dayFor some money from unknown sourcesFor a GiftFor a surprise Its nature - nothing can exist in vacuum. By expecting you create a vacuum for your desire and universe will fill that vacuum of desire

Beat Monday Blues

No more struggle. All you need is every Sunday night try to be thankful for all the normal things you have in life. Be blessed ! Prayers are most effective. Pray for even the smallest things as small as bus arrival. Have a prayer totem. Hold it in your hands - Pray and the n... Continue Reading →

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