Monthly Tarot Reading: May 2023

As month changes and we secrelty hope for the month to be different or better. Tarot cards have a message for you for this month. Take a read what’s in store for you for this month. Do you need to pay any attention to some things – the cards have the message for you. 

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Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)


Ace of Cups. The month brings in new inspiration or new love to your life. Love seems to be be blossoming. If you are in relationship already this could be a sign of marriage. Family life will be good. Love and bonding will be rekindled possibly due to being and travelling with your family. You will experience a deep sense of inner joy and happiness. Life will seem to be abundant as if things are just moving right. Last month card was also from cups – suggesting family, love and inner emotions are now main focus and take an important role. Overall a happy time especially for new beginnings.


Queen of Swords. You are very clear, focussed and straight forward in your outlook this month. With the last month’s card being Death – you have learned the harsh realities of life and now are prepared for things. Being a queen card you still not have left your emotional side and are not cold to situations. But now you don’t get tangled in emotions but can think clearly. Career is good. Love and family life is also good. After last month’s difficult times this month you will be in commanding position and do pretty well and get things under control.


Queen of Coins. This month is good in terms of finances. Money will be flowing in and you will be able to spend and save at the same time. Last month’s Hierophant card has made you disciplined and strengthened your belief in God or the higher power. You may receive some financial advice. Career is good. Chances of inheritance are also on the cards. You may also be spending some amount on luxurious items for self or for gifting someone. Overall a blissful and secure period.


The Tower. This is the second time in a row that Tower cards drops in back to back – this month also continuing the effects of the last month. As struggles continues, times getting bleaker and difficult the advice to hang on. See bad things in a positive light as it reveals something you don’t know and that is life altering. Still continue taking good care of your health. Drive carefully. Avoid trusting someone too much in a relationship and watching your tongue as something said loosely can lead to a big conflict. Not a great period but just hang on and learn new things.


Four of Wands. This month is great for career and creative pursuits. You will start seeing some tangible benefits and achievements in your pursuit. Things will start to get stable and you will see an opportunity for further growth. Some of you may be getting tied in the knots of marriage. Last month’s card of Strength has started showing results in this month. There may be outings with friends and/ or family. Be prepared for social events to attend. Overall, a great card to celebrate and have good time.


Four of Cups. Things may be going right for you or just an average but you may have lost the spark you once had about the things you once cared for. There are chances you will start to feel bored, disconnected and have feelings of apathy. There may be tendency to pick up alcohol or have substance abuse So, keep an eye on it. It’s time to stop isolating yourself and get out and meet loved ones or friends and start being a social. This month will be full of internal journey rather than external practical matters. WIth the last month card being 3 of wands – you have become tired and weary of waiting for the results you want with little signs of progress.


The Hermit. It’s time to be alone and isolate yourself. This will help you look after yourself and promote much needed self care. There may be guidance form a Guru, Teacher or Mentor. Books can give the knowledge you need. You may start a new course or a career. Marriage or Love needs to take a back seat this month for now while you focus on yourself. Last month’s 3 of cups and being way too much social and living for others have taken a toll on your self. It’s time to promote self care this month.


Strength. This month overall is good and you would be great at managing things by using subtle force. It is time to tame your inner beast and control your bad habits to get the results you need in life. Remember, not all wars need to be fought some things may be just sorted out through diplomacy, negations and talks. Take a non aggressive approach. Career, love life and family life is good. You may be inclined a bit spiritually.


Page of Cups. A good news or a positive message is expected for those in love. Your partner may bring in some good news that may excite you. You may develop new interests or hobbies this month. You may even take up unconventional things to learn something new. You start taking care and be more possessive about things you love as suddenly you start valuing them. New careers may be around or job placement is possible for the fresh graduates or those who are just entering the new field of career. Love life is great. The enthusiasm to learn something new will be high.


King of Wands. Motivation and desire to get things done will be at the peak. You will check off lots of items from your pending to do list. This is a month good especially for your career. There may be a role change or you may receive important learnings pertaining to your career from someone senior or your mentor. You will be passionate. Sex life will be great. Those in love can see the peaks of good times. Overall a happy but energetic period of intense energy.


Six of Wands. This is a period of victory. You will gain the things you desire. Not only will it be a personal achievement but public recognition will also come. You will have good periods of fame with recognition of your efforts coming from your partner, friends, family, colleagues or even bosses. Some of you may be promoted. You will take up leadership roles and take charge of things. After the last month’s card of 5 of pentacles : Suffering, health issues and financial strain – this month brings in lots of positive energy. Enjoy the good times and be a leader.


2 of Swords. You will often find yourself stuck in dualities of life. There will be confusion as which choice is to be accepted. There may difficulties in taking a sound decision. At times, you may feel locked up. Important decisions in relation to career, life or marriage may come up putting you in a spot where you have to make a choice. Trust your instincts and make a move. It Amy be that you may be caught in between the two parties fighting and may be forced to pick a side. Be clear of what you want and you will navigate this month very easily.

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