Planetary Effects and Strengths (Quick Notes)

To Gauge a the quick idea of how strong a planet is in Vedic astrology chart – or in other words how much effect will a particular planet give can be determined by the following:

Keep it handy or just memorise it.

  1. Exaltation – 100% effects
  2. Moolatrikona – 75% effects
  3. Own House- 50%
  4. Neutral – 12.5 effects
  5. Debilitated / Enemy Sign: Very minimal effects or negative effects

For example, If you are Aries Ascendant and you have Mars in Cancer in the 4th house. So, Mars is debilitated in 4h house therefore it’s losses its strength and may even give negative effects. So, Domestic life may be affected making quarrelsome and disturbing personal happiness. Being Debilitated in 4th house opposite of 10 th house of career – will also affect career of the individual as Mars effects of aggression may be enhanced or negatively muted giving rise to issues of low confidence.

Another example, is like having Saturn in 7th house in libra can fetch you more Money and a cold but a long married life.

You can check out details of Strength of Rahu here.

Planets and their exaltation signs, debilitation signs, moolatrikona signs will be published in later blogs.

Check this: Planets: Exaltation Signs – Quick Notes

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