Monthly Tarot Reading: April 2023

April weaves in new energy and Tarot cards have a message for you for this month. Take a read what’s in store for you for this month. Do you need to pay any attention to some things – the cards have the message for you.

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Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Deck Used: Cosmic Tarot


Card :Nine of Cups

The month of March brings you the energy of love and good times. This month answer for your wishes is YES. If you have a long outstanding wish – this is the month the answer to those wishes may come as yes. A very positive card. You will see relationships blooming. You will get along very well with your colleagues at work. Focus may be primarily on personal and family life and less on career for this month as things are just good. If you are planning to get in relationship with someone this is the right time – conditions are ideal and things are just right. Health and Career are good. Abundance will be there – there will be no financial stress as such.


Card: Death

Changes are coming for this month – you like it or not. What is inevitable will come to occur. You will have little control over things and the best approach it to just accept. Changes – Good or Bad are for your growth – so embrace it. It may be painful and you might dislike it – but see the higher good. Let go off the old and what is not serving you anymore. This card also represents that its time to close few chapters in life and start new one. Be careful when you deal with people and what you say to them. Avoid drastic moves in your career. Let things take its own turn – without much intervention. Take good care of your health and welcome the change.


Card: The Hierophant

This month you will suddenly find yourself adjusting yourself to wimp and fallacies, to rules and structure of organisations or to an authority figure. If some of you are planning to get married now is the time to lay down the foundation. Love relationship will start to see some direction either as turning to be fruitful or the other way. You may feel bit restricted as you have to abide by the higher laws. Career may be directed by the bosses desires and plans. You may find yourself being more religious. If you have a hobby or interests you may find a community that you may join. Overall a good month – follow the rules !


Card: The Tower

This card brings in truth aspects to your life. You will have lots of learning this month. What was hidden or falsely told may suddenly comes to light. As matter of fact you are requested to abide by the rules – avoid all deceit or any false approach to people and things. Best laid plans may suddenly take a U turn. It is also the time to take good care of your health. Take steps to become healthy. Be safe while driving or while travelling on roads. Avoid trusting people too much this month. If you are in difficult situation just let the time pass out. Drastic changes in life may be indicated for some.


Card: The Strength.

What a beautiful card to get as they card also represent Leo. You will have a good time this month taming your inner beast and negative habits. You will experience a sudden calmness and peace within. Some of you might even switch to meditation. Suddenly that internal mental turmoil finds a calm. You may feel a unique strength to handle all the problems that you are facing. Relationships will be calm and composed with love blossoming. If you are delaying something now is the perfect time to show strength and just start forward. Career is good.


Card: Three of Wands

This card represent patience and asks you to wait a bit. You have worked hard and did all what you can. But don’t over push – wait for the feedback or the results to come. Career may start showing some stability and growth compared to the past period. Relationships will get stable but if you are in conflict mode – don’t push up – allow it for some time and space. This card also suggests you are eagerly waiting for something to happen – like results for your exam or promotion or something. This is a positive card so you can expect some good news based on how much efforts you have put in the past.


Card: 3 of Cups

This card is the card of happiness, celebration and jolly time with friends. Expect a celebration it could be some party or getting together with friends for outing or some celebration. This will be a good time to be with your family. On a negative side if you are company of 3 be careful of the love triangle that has a possibility. At work, bonding with people will get you good results. Health is good. Planning for vacation would also be on cards for some. Be careful of over helping people as Libra is the card of balance and clubbed with 3 of cups on a negative side may mean that people may misuse your goodness.


Card: Two of Cups

A great card of those in relationships. Those looking for marriage prospects this is a great card to get married. Some of you could get tied in knots of love or find a partner to love. Those in Business – can look forward to partner with someone, it may be highly beneficial than working alone. Help can come in from close friends – look to them if you need any advice. Family life will be good. You may even take up some hobby or something to learn. Being a scorpio and 2 of cups could mean some secrets about your partner may also come out. If you are the one keeping secrets, think over why you are still staying in the relationship.


Card: 7 of Swords

This is the card of Deceit. Take care of your belongings and things you love. Theft may be possible. Also, not trust anyone so blindly – look in to check for facts. If you want something don’t choose a path to go ahead with aggressive approach but rather choose stealth and submissive approach. Be careful of people trying to be sweet to you extracting information or something else from you. Being a fiery sign – watch your words when you speak to others – loosely spoken word may actually hurt someone and can even cause a break in relation. Being alert in dealing with others is the key message for this month. Don’t take thing on their face value.


Card: Princess of Pentacles.

This card asks you to take up learning or any hobby that you want to pursue. It could be a course to improve your skills that may push forward your career. Capricorn in general also has representing of career – so start learning for ways to upbeat your career. You may be practical in nature but open minded that will help you learn new things. It is also good time to start saving and also improve your financial knowledge. This is also the card to pursue higher studies. Overall a good card for family, loved ones and relationship in general. Learn, learn, learn and be practical is the main message. Career will be the focus of this month.


Card: Five of Pentacles.

You may be buying things you love this month. Take care of your expenses. There may be financial difficulties. Take a control on your financial spendings. There could be some loss in relation to career, money or relationships or on personal front. It is time to save – save money while you can. Health should be your priority. Neglected health can bring health problems. So, it is advisable not to neglect your health. Hardship in terms of career may also be there. But your family may be always be with you in times of your difficulty. Family does not mean just blood relation only, it could be your close friend also. Let this month go away frugal while taking care of your health.


Card: Princess of Wands

You may suddenly feel inspired and compelled to take action. Inspiration and Muses may come to you to actually inspire your creativity. Being in the sign of Pisces – the creativity is further boosted. Take up interests in creative pursuits – singing, dancing, drawing, paining or anything you love. Work may see something to look forward and excitement may be on the rise. Career may see a sudden boost. Enthusiasm in general for life will be on the rise. Love will blossoms. Overall one inspiration or enthusiasm in one field will fuel all other aspects of life too.

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