Rahu with other Planets: Part 2

A quick notes for Intermediate and Advanced Astrology Readers for combination of Rahu with other planets

Rahu – Sun:

  • Rebellious
  • Seeks ones individuality
  • Fascination for unusual and bizarre
  • Expresses in the house placed
  • John Lenon had such combination in his chart

Rahu- Moon

  • Psychic senses
  • Emotional disturbance
  • Strengthens mind
  • Fear, phobia, paranoia, hallucination


  • Abundant mental and physical energy
  • Go getters
  • Perverts
  • Spoils living relation of house and promote non living significations
  • Rebellions
  • Criminal tendency
  • Deep thinkers (Einstein, Huxley, Abraham Lincoln)

Rahu- Mercury

  • Fortunate placement as Mercury friend
  • Amplifies Mercurial tendency
  • Increase intelligence, communication, writing
  • Criminal tendency
  • Intuitive powers
  • Quick thinkers


  • Jupiter is expansion and Rahu is materialistic
  • Most materialistic combination
  • Promotes non living signification of house and gives materialistic nature to Living signification of the house


  • Most Indulgent combination
  • Most materialistic
  • Promotes non living signification and nature for living
  • Strong urge for Comfort and luxury


  • Heightens Saturnine traits
  • Bad: depressive, melancholic, feel like should be born at all esp in water signs
  • Ruthless, insensitive, emotionally dry, fundamentalist – can bring out all negative Saturnine energies – selfishness, avarice, pessimism, hypocrisy l, religious. More likely in earth signs
  • Best in air sign- philosophical and detached attitude
  • Not too good in fire signs
  • Gives lot of obstacle and struggles in house where it is placed
  • Good for dictators and politicians only.

Rahu- Uranus:

  • Eccentric, individualistic, inventor, researcher – basically a FREAK
  • New way of Radical thinking.


  • Visionary, idealistic, prophets, mystics
  • Dream big and strives goal for good of people
  • On negative side, drowns one is illusions and fantasies, hallucinations and chasing mirages
  • Most subtle combination
  • Indicated dreams, fantasy, vision and imaginations in the house which they are placed.


  • Thirst for power
  • Can play obsessive power games
  • Much dangerous the. Rahu Mars
  • Look for deeper meaning of existence (on positive side)

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