Ancestral Tarot – Book Review

Author: Nancy Hendrickson
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser (25 April 2021)
Book Pages: 224
Audible Lenght:
Platform: Kindle, Audible and Paperback

About the Author:

Nancy Hendrickson is author with decades of experience in genealogy and tarot. Her published work includes several genealogy books and magazine articles. Nancy has been interviewed on the topic of internet genealogy by the New York Times, Kiplinger and Better Homes and Gardens, She is a columnist for The Cartomancer Magazine, writing about Tarot decks of the past as well as Tarot from a cultural perspective. She is active on Instagram @nancysageshadow where she posts daily about Tarot and other forms of divination. You can learn more about Nancy and her work at

Author: Nancy Hendrickson


It’s one of the rare books you will find in Tarot Genre about Ancestors. It aims to uncover the past and chart your future. While you learn tarot you may have encountered a few spreads on connecting with ancestors. But that’s mostly the only thing you found.

Pick this book and you will find a detailed pandora about connecting with your ancestors. No, it’s not about ancestors – it’s more about Tarot and Ancestors. The book traverses through the types of ancestors mainly by place, time and bloodlines.

This book is rich in Tarot Spreads relating to connecting with your ancestors and working with them. The another important part of book is about identifying patterns you have inherited from your ancestors (and mind you some of them you aren’t even aware that you have them) and healing the harmful patterns like family run fears or beliefs that are still governing you.

It also has information on finding your long far fetched ancestors via websites (a list of them are mentioned) that maintain Genealogy records and perform DNA testing and maintain records. Well, it’s a host of information.

Coming to spreads – there are more than 25 spreads in the book- that you can work with specifically devoted to ancestral work. The book lags a little in giving information more about race, ethnicity, ancestors but after all it’s a Tarot book and not a genealogy book. So I am ok with that but a little more information would have been helpful.

The book also covers topics on Ancestral Altars. One unique idea is developing a tin portable altar – you can keep when you are travelling or don’t have space at home.

The end section of book is dedicated to Tarot Basics. So, if you are beginner this serves for you all. Like 90% of books in Tarot which brood over card meanings – this book focusses on topic at hand – this makes it the best book for intermediate and advanced tarot readers. It does not cut out the Beginners as there is a small section on Tarot basics to get you started.

Audible or Paperback ?

The audible version is real good narration. But the supplement pdf has given the spreads but they are without description of card positions which are narrated in the audible. So if you are listening on audible and plan to study the book – this is not something you can listen while driving a car but you will have to sit with a pen and paper making notes for exclusive contents and card positions. The pdf can get bit difficult to handle while listening with its long content. This is not to say Audible content is bad in fact it has interesting narration – only thing is be equipped with a pen and papers and be accustomed to frequent rewinds and playback. I would recommend to get a paperback as this information has loads of content to work with.

Final verdict is that this book is a masterpiece that actually educates you on a topic in tarot you hardly have any knowledge about. Loaded with numerous spreads and exercises to work with – this is more of a practical book. A must have book to keep in your Tarot Library of books.

Ratings: 4.9/5

Comments : Masterpiece

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