The Psychic Tarot – Book Review

Name of Book: Psychic Tarot
Name of Author: Melanie A. Howard and Nancy C. Antenucci


Psychic Tarot is a book that views Tarot in a different viewpoint. It’s not just about reading cards and interpreting them with traditional Tarot meanings. Its more about connecting with the unseen and deepening your reading and interpretation of Tarot. So, if you are absolute Newbie on Tarot then this is not a book to start with. However, a beginner who has little know abouts on Spirituality, Spirits and Tarot can pick up the book safely.


For the beginners, the book does cover Basics of Tarot – not in depths but good enough to give a glimpse on what Tarot is all about. On a plus note, the Court Cards of Tarot have been really nicely explained. If you have been finding it difficult to interpret them in your reading – the book can throw some light on it that can really help you in your readings with Court Card. Not that this gives super power to tackle Court cards but a good place to start – however the information is still limited. The Author divides interpretation of Court cards in Layers as People, Archetypes and the Energies that they hold. This helps you better understand the court cards in tarot and may so aid you (if not master) in interpreting the Court Cards.

The book takes into the Psychic Aspects – Connecting with the unseen to help you read Tarot. Unseen just doesn’t necessary mean about Spirits, Ghosts (Though there is a description on Ghosts that is pretty nice) but your intuition and Higher Self too. The book lays down 7 principles  which include – Grounding, Intent, Form, Synchronicity, Closure and Integration. Using these 7 principles in your daily practice can help you read Tarot via Psychic senses.

A considerable portion of the book is devoted on Seeing the Unseen. It focuses on developing The Sight to stay in touch with the unseen – which include – Angels, Spirits, Ancestors and Psychic Self. The author list downs number of exercise to improve your connection – however most may seem irrelevant if you are not much into Psychic and Spiritual Beliefs. You need to have an Open mind to read and understand the book – or else you may find the book absolutely Bizarre.

The Author also focusses on Initial Image Seeing – which is connected to your intuition and then interpreting the Tarot. You will understand the difference on what it means to read Tarot by traditional meaning alone and reading with Psychic Senses. There is also a detailed Section on Grounding and setting your boundaries. It is obvious that when you work with the unseen you need to ground well and set your boundaries to protect yourself.

The Book has a lot of new information but its not like after reading the book you can be a champion in reading Tarot with Psychic Self. It lacks at many points in practical aspects but briefs the topic well. Lets have a look at Pros and Cons of the book.


1. Covers Psychic Aspects and Intuition in Tarot Card reading
2. Good for intermediates but basics of Tarot are also covered to a certain extent
3. Court cards are well explained
4. Spirits , Ghosts concepts well highlighted
5. Unique in style – difficult to find such book on topic


1. Steps to read are laid down but actual connection steps with the unseen are not well explained
2. May be completely disregarded by some who are non believers of spirit world
3. Concept is not clear cut – lot of unnecessary description to get at the core.
4. The concept is explained but not ways to apply it.
5. True essence of Psychic reading seems missing
6. Book is expensive. Indian Cost of 900 Rs is not justified.
7. The book lacks images making it a bit dry in approach.


1. Content 3.5/5
2. Understability 2/5
3. Price Wise: 1/5
4. Presentation 1/5
5. Applicability 2.5/5
6. Overall 2.5/5


The book is good to have in your collection. It’s not a gaga or bible that will actually connect you with the unseen. Books on such topics are difficult to find. I would recommend the book for intermediate Tarot learners, those having an open mind with Spiritual Beliefs. Absolute newbies can still wait till they can get their hands on this book. 

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