March 2023 Tarot Reading

Card of the Month: King of Swords.

Extending from the month of February, where the card was the Knight of Swords. The Court card and Sword card still dominates. But the maturity as a person changes from a more impatient knight to a settled and stable King is evident in the month of March 2023.

The King of Sword of this month brings in wisdom or lessons that you learnt from the past month of Knight. You impatient nature, hasty actions and decisions in the past month has given valuable lessons to carry forward to this month that brings in more wiser and stable mental outlook to things and life. This month you will be more stable and grounded in your approach. You would think over matters rather than taking rash or hasty decisions.

As you start finding stability and a sense of security of your achievements in general – you now have the liberty to execute as per your choices. You would tend to over think at times and may have confusion – but it will be cleared. You will be more objective in your judgment rather than thinking by heart – your brains will predominate. Just be careful not to overthink on matters.

This is also a time to step back and take that long needed holiday just to relax, rejoice and get back. Things may be changing or rather you may be at the end stage of a chapter in your life but you are still there, grounded and unmoved as things move by. Wise decisions will give you recognition and money.

The element of joy side, touch with nature and emotions might see a bit of cut off – so loved ones may perceive you as a bit cold on the romantic side – so as with your friends : you may appear to have been withdrawn.

You will feel the confidence as you are firm in your inner self position of self esteem. You may be in quite powerful to act and control others. Visions may be on your mind and success plans on your hands for this month. Its also a time to seek help from your mentors, teachers and elders.

Health will be good and rather you may also be committing to some form of disciplined life like going to gym or just taking the stairs up or just eating healthy. It will come naturally to you.

This month is just a little more of wait period like the time of evening dusk of something more to come and you seem to be ready for it. Overall, a good month of being authoritative, disciplined, in power and having the wisdom and clarity of thought.

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