Psychic Protection – Somethings you need to know…

  1. People who are angry have a high energy built up. Its very easy to pick up other people energy if you are off-guard.
  2. The biggest indication that you have picked up other person’s energy is you feel the same way – if other person is agitated – you feel agitated too. Next watch your thoughts you also start having negative or defensive thoughts.
  3. Observe when you are alone and someone just walks in – feel and be present you will sense a very subtle change in field.
  4. If you are sensitive you will be the most susceptible to pick up and channel other people energies. So, sometimes you may just feel anger or sad or depressed – even if there is no relevant situational cause – be present to your energies. Someone might be thinking bad for you.
  5. If someone thinks bad or is envious of you especially in your room or home – there may be what is called PSYCHIC SNIPERS. Psychic Snipers are people who are good on top nut erect negative feelings or thoughts towards you. Say for example, your colleague at your work may be a friend to you but he may not be feeling good about you or rather envious of you – (that’s a psychic super in disguise). Be careful of them and safegaurd your energy field.
  6. How often you have entered a room or a house in which there was a conflict few minutes back – You feel the heaviness in the room. That’s psychic vented energies.



Once you are state of agitation or depression with no obvious situational causes – This is point where awareness must click in. Identify and name it – “You have picked up energy”.    Try to ground the excess energy. Stop thoughts related to it. Change focus

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Note that universe always will protect and nurture you no matter what. Even if you die – if you feel death is ultimate end and no protection. Your life will continue exist in spirit world. 

This energy fields are highly subtle. The difference is also very subtle. Only awareness and presence can detect it. If you are caught up in thoughts its impossible to detect. Its very mild often non perceivable.

One way to identify you are under attack – is suddenly bad things start to happen with no apparent cause. And it won’t be just one bad event but a series of bad events in few hours.

The only solution to this is to become aware, name it and dissipate it. 

Personal Energy Shielding

Close your eyes. Relax. Take few deep breaths. Imagine white light light coming from sky and falling on you. Now see your self covered in a ball of blue sphere. See the white light is charging the blue sphere you are in. Make an intention that this is my energy field protection and will last for so many hours. Make an intention if anyone send negative energy it be reflected back to them. You may also imagine you are inside a reflecting steel ball that deflects all light and energy. Open your eyes and feel the subtle difference.

It may feel dumb to do such exercises. But the very intention you set is what protects you. Try it and just be present you will feel a subtle sense of safe feeling. You can also use your Power Animal to protect your energy field.

Evil Eye

You may use a an evil eye in your room or have a bracelet. Just having an evil eye in the room won’t protect you. You have to have an intention or believe that this evil eye is absorbing all negative energy directed to you.

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Psychic Scissors

If you are in an argument or with some conflict with person. Just imagine the cords that connect you and the other person. Take a psychic scissor (imagine a large one) and see yourself cutting those cords. See the cords of energy breaking. If you permanently want to break a relationship to some person or some place – just imagine the cords running and deep in ground. Now take an axe or some heavy cutting instruments and see yourself cutting this cords and cords becoming severed. You may have to repeat his couple of times if relationship is deeply involved with you.. It could be a job, person or a place. It works. Don’t take it as some stupid non-scientfic thing. It is best to try and see the difference.

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A cluttered space with full of old wanted stuff can bring you heavy energies. Feel the difference once you clean your drawers.

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