January 2023 Tarot Reading

Card of the month:

Five of Cups 

This card in traditional card means GRIEF. This is a card for healing. As new year begins this card brings in the power of healing in your life. Is Something lingering within you – some feeling of grief, worry, anxiety or stress – its time to heal those heavy emotions. The card suggests you are more withdrawn now a days because of your internal emotions. You try to be invisible. You are overly focussed on sorrow and grief. You may be complaining or directing your energies towards something negative or something real bad that has happened to you or in your life. But you miss out on what you have. 

Wild Wood Tarot

In the image, out of 5 cups – 3 are spilled but 2 are yet intact. It is time to practice Gratitude and be grateful for what you have rather than focussing and crying over what has happened. Direct your energies towards positivity and what you have in life. Look at the beauty around. Try to be mindful and heavy emotions will take care of yourself. 

Take care of your health – don’t let your body suffer because of emotional pain. 

Some plans may not work up being you some form of felling down. But always have something to look forward to. 

For relationships make sure to focus on goods of the people and not on their actions. 

Career-wise, stay tuned- now may not be the right time to make big moves – a time to contemplate and continue daily work. 

To sum it – for the month of January 2023 bring in the start of the year by looking at things you have achieved rather than what you haven’t. Focus on good things and bring in the healing energy for now is the perfect time – to heal old emotions and bring in new energy. 

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Deck used:

Wildwood Tarot

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