February 2022 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Morgan Greer Tarot


King of Swords. This month you have distinct clarity to think well. So, use your brains to solve your burning problems. You will always have an upper hand over your problems. Not that problems are less – but you will be able to manage them well. Relationships wise it is good but don’t be too arrogant and harsh – show some tenderness and kindness towards others. Money will flow good and can make you feel powerful. You may invest wisely or spend in acquiring some luxury this month. 


Queen of Swords. Those who have partners with sun signs Aries – be careful you can get in arguments. You are really firm, determined in your approach. What you decide, you will finish. You will not fall for distractions, petty things but will be more focussed towards your goals. For those who are parents – you will lay in full order of self discipline for your children. In relationships don’t get caught up in arguments even if you are right. Money flow is good. You will be tender by heart but firm my mind. 


Knight of Cups. Interests and distractions will tend to lure you away from your goals. Travels are indicated or at least planning for a trip or a vacation is indicated. You will be passionate towards your hobby. Those in creative field will see good content generation. Money will not be a concern for you – saying that you may even spend money on your passions. Relations will be soothing and loving. You will be strongly driven emotionally to the things you love and that can leat to loss of touch from rationality / reality.


The Fool. New starts, ventures and beginnings are indicated. Some of you may take a trip. Instinct to get things done and achieve goals may be strong. You will be brave, fearless or rather at times careless. Just a give a thought to consequences when acting. This can bring things back in perspective. There may be some spending without thinking. A good card to start something new and pursue your desires. A good card to learn something new or start a course. 


The World. One of the best period of time you can expect. This card represents end of journey. So, see some endings in life. All your desires will now manifest. Money flow will be good. Things will be sorted. You will see materialisation and realisation of goals. You are fearless and feel on top of the world. If something is not working, now is the perfect time to end it and start fresh. What you have sown is now time to reap. Those looking for a marriage, or love relationship – a Yes is just around the corner. 


Page of Cups. Learning new things is the theme of this month. Many new interests may hit you this month be it through friends, people, social media or a random event. This is a perfect time to learn something – take up new courses. Work with someone in your field and master your skills. Those in love will receive positive news. Money should not be a concern as now is the time to get first settled and then look for it. Relationships will be good. Kind off, a happy month ! 


The Empress. Growth is your word for this month. Expect everything to grow around not that you will see the results but yes the path to progress is something you will definitely see. Those expecting babies can look forward for positive news this month. Work will increase – so will your inflow of money. Days may not show any changes but when you look back you will notice every week there is a substantial progress happening. Relationship will deepen and career will grow. A good month for progress and growth. 


The Death. Scorpio is the 8th house in astrology which also represents occult sciences, secrets and matters of death. This is the month of change. Whether you want it or not – change will occur. It is inevitable. It could be in your love life, marriage, career or financial matters. Things not working may suddenly come to an end. Vehicular breakdown may also occur. But what will end will open up space for new things to come in. So, embrace the change – positive or negative – it is for your good. 


The Chariot. Travels are indicated. Travelling to distant lands for studying or career is also quite possible. It is also a card for victory. So, expect wins over the things you undertake. Success is also expected. What you decide, you will accomplish. You may experience a surge of will power and thereby you may pick up tasks which were not motivating – lets say like going to the gym. New purchase of vehicle is also indicated for some. You can balance and handle multiple things – which will greatly boost your productivity. 


The Star. This is the month of hope. Expect new beginnings. Sometimes it’s good to be vulnerable – do not fear it. The more vulnerable you become this month the more you will grow. Some secrets may just get revealed and can even shock you. Relationship will see pure love and true feelings. It’s a kind of yes for your wishes. So, make a wish now. Hobbies like cooking, art work, painting, making something may suddenly inspire you to create a piece of art. 


6 of wands. A card of victory, success and of course social recognition. Work hard and your efforts will be recognised. At work you may get some appraisal, appreciation or praises. People will support you. Your spouse may become your support system. Attending ceremonies or functions or social gatherings is also possible. Fame will rise. People will develop new trust in you. You can be a leader and take a lead in solving community problems. Enjoy the fame and guard your reputation. 


King of Wands/ Rods. At work, you will be in commanding position. Better control, management and hardwork will bring the results you desire. You will feel as if you have quite lot of experience and are in position to teach or guide others too. Money flow will be good. Relationships are good but make sure you make time for family. Work while you work and play while you play should be the mantra for this month. An advice or suggestion from someone senior, elder or a person higher authority should not be ignored. 

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