October 2021 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Spiral Tarot: October 2021 Tarot Reading


Eight of cups. Situation and circumstances have reached such a point that change is inevitable. You will be bound to make a move. Be it career, relationship or new job. It’s time to leave behind old things that you very much cared and nurtured for. Look for what’s coming and let that excitement drive you. Emotionally this month may be a bit heavy but it’s for your good. Keep your eyes on the future not in the past. 


Ace of Swords. New ideas, new beliefs, new thoughts fill your life with excitement. Just don’t get stuck over a problem because you can think it through your idea. Intellectual pursuits are common this month. There may be few conflicts so be careful on what you speak. In the sadness and gloominess of emotions suddenly you may find a strong excitement or a passion to pursue. Clear thinking is what you should be looking for this month. New endeavours are common. Expect growth and new things to start up. 


Princess of Swords. You may be a bit defensive, reserved this month and may even want to play safe. Those expecting baby can see a positive sign. Some news to your studies or career is around the corner. You will sail through your problems easily by standing in what you believe. If you are offered a new job with low pay also consider what you will be learning and accordingly choose the job or role. Good month for students and those in intellectual pursuits. 


Ace of Wands. This month has lots of things to look forward to. Kindle the fire of enthusiasm and it will fill your life with joy. New growth, new career, new life are on the cards. It’s a gift that you will get from the universe. Look forward to it. Money worries will take a backseat as your focus will be on this new passion. There are indications of overnight changes for few of the Cancerian’s. 


The fool. New ventures and new beginnings are here. Some of you may take the leap without any fear. The courage within you just makes you stand out – it’s kind of magical. But do not be foolish. A new chapter is about to begin or already begun. Take the leap forward and go ahead with full force. Marriages, job change, new purchases, new sources of income – are quite possible. 


10 of Pentacles. Time for family. Cultural events, family get together, family trips are on the cards. Some receive wealth from family or through inheritance. Wealth and help can come from a senior person. Respect your ancestors – now is the time to pay them honour. Wealth will flow well. I don’t see any financial issues this month. Go for that good old time family dinner ! 


King of cups. Expect some emotional advice from a love guru or a person who is caring, supportive and loving to you. Relationships advice may be sought. This may also be a time for art, creativity and abstract passions. Emotional state may be joyful and matured. Expect less of drama, emotional outbursts or even sadness. This is a happy time emotionally. There may be few losses but you understand the importance of it. Overall a good month. Seek advice from leaders or elders. 


2 of swords. Are you stuck somewhere ? Be it a decision or a choice to make or something where you feel trapped – this is the month where you can encounter such feelings. It’s not that bad as it seems. Remember it’s your own thoughtful creations. Meditation may be helpful. Evaluate your inner feelings and make the choice. There is no point in delaying things – it’s this way or that ! 


Five of Swords. You may have the feeling that you are the best, someone who cannot be defeated. As confidence over your skills creep in; let it not be converted into arrogance. Pride may do more harm than good. Be careful of ego drama and do not get involved in ego fight with someone. Sometimes it’s good to be calm, not get involved and simply move on. Be careful of your dealings with friends and family members as you may end up in conflict with them. Control your ego should be the mantra of the month. 


The Magician. Think of it and you can achieve it. What you can conceive in your mind you can materialise it. Confidence and skills will be at  an all time high level. What you think, you will manifest – so just be careful of what you are thinking. Things will get clear, tasks completed, goals accomplished. A month of personal power and confidence.


The wheel of fortune. Expect inevitable and unexpected changes. If things are moving really bad expect lots of positive changes and vice versa. No need to blame yourself for all the events – sometimes it’s just the higher order that’s in motion and will do things that will be only good for you in the longer run. Marriages are expected, so those looking for it can see a green signal. 


The Tower. What is not built in truth and fairness is bound to collapse. Expect sudden changes – it may be difficult to accept initially. Buts it’s for your higher good. Nothing to intimidate. If old gets broken – new can be made. Avoid telling lies, cheating, breaking rules, drive safely. Take care of your health while you have the time. Expect long term changes to be good and shift your focus from short term vision to long term vision. 

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