August 2021 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Classic Tarot – By Barbara Moore


Knight of Swords. You will experience things moving fast. A sort of urgency to get things done may dominate this month. Thoughts may rush up which can lead to anxiety. Travels are indicated. This month is about action. This will help the stuck projects the push it needs to move on. You may be blunt with your speech – so be careful what you communicate with your loved ones. As misunderstandings can bring conflicts and rash moves. The advice is to slow down a bit – take a breath and think before you act. Speed, energy and motion are the key words for this month but with the element of control. 


Strength. Things are beyond your control. But situations may turn extremely in your favor to the point that you may not have to use brute force or exert excessive control to make changes. Just throw a pebble in water and ripples will do the rest. Take your emotions, habits and your enemies in a strategic way rather than head on. You will be experiencing a tremendous inner strength to tackle all the problems and things will get sorted out smoothly with little efforts. Use your strength wisely. 


Six of Pentacles. This month is about charity and giving. Some of you can expect a raise , promotion or rise in income. This is the month to give. Donate generously. What goes around comes back. This is also a card of Karma- what you sow so shall you reap. If you are getting blessings, gifts and goodwills be open to accept it. Grab the opportunities coming to you. 


Nine of Swords. Thinking too much ? This is the month to pay attention to it. Overthinking may make you anxious. Try to recognise what’s in the head and what’s real. Perhaps, it’s not all that bad. Take care of your health. Take a break. Go outside, meet people – the more you stay in solitude, the more anxious you will be. There could be work, family or financial worries. But try and stay practical and grounded. And above all.. don’t overthink. 


Four of Pentacles. Safety and security is what you look forward in this month. Since many of you are going to have your birthdays this month – take care of your spendings, as card warns to save money as expenditures may be rising. It’s time to make investments first. Safeguard your wealth first and then spend the rest. Same goes for everything else – safeguard yourself first than think of helping others. This is the month to be a little more conservative rather than having a free hand at all aspects of life.


Hanged Man. This month is about introspection. Look for solutions within. Change in view points will reveal magical solutions to the most unsolvable problems. You may have to isolate yourself if need be to look within. A little bit of sacrifice can get you what you want. Trying unconventional ways can give you solutions to problems. A little bit of suffering can push you far ahead in the journey of success. Rest if you need to – it’s good for your health. 


Judgement. The wait is over – there is a strong inner calling. Trust your instincts. Follow your passions. You may have to leave your comfort zone when opportunity is knocking at your door. It’s time for change in life. New job, new relationship may be offered, but at the cost of leaving old things. When in doubt, trust your gut. If you have been waiting for someone’s call or response – this will be the time. Be prepared. This could also mean a call to join work after a period of lockdown – work from home. 


Queen of Pentacles. Life is good, stable and slowly moving. What you have nurtured for are now showing the growth you expected. Financial results are good. Income may grow and get stabilised. Life kind of runs smoothly in your own comfort zone. This is good time to start long terms projects as watery sign of Scorpio with the element of Earth makes a fertile soil for growth. 


Knight of Pentacles. You are grounded and prepared for what is to come. Stability and practicality in day to day affairs is your strong suit. Money flows in with expenses minimising. Travels are indicated. Mostly might be even work related. The energy is kind of dull not depressing nor too fiery. So things will sail just plainly without much ripples. Time to make some good investments. 


Nine of Pentacles. A good month in terms growth at work and increase in finances. There could be purchase of some luxurious item like car, furniture or entertainment device. Life is good, money is flowing in (if not will flow soon) and time to build more future visions. You will love spending time and money on things you love. Lavish lifestyle is on your cards for this month. Cherish it while the sun shines. 


Seven of Pentacles. Continue the hard work. Life is just another working and routine day. It’s all about work in progress. Completions are not yet in sight. This can make you impatient. Just remember this is the transit period of waiting and patience. Continue your efforts towards your goal. Delays may be expected. Stuck goals can add bit of frustration. But patience is the key. Just hold on ! 


3 of Cups. Time for celebration and meeting with friends. With lockdown restrictions easing it is time to meet your friends, relatives and spend some quality time. This is a happy time emotionally. There may be some or in fact many reasons to celebrate. So start counting your small personal victories. Social interaction, creativity, meeting new people is on the cards. 

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