Book Review – Tarot No Questions Asked

Author: Theresa Read
Publication: Red Wheel/Weiser
Date of Release: 17 September 2020
Pages: 304
Platform: Book (Paperback), Kindle ebook, Audible
Tag line: Master the Art of Intuitive Reading

About the Author:

Theresa Reed, also known as The Tarot Lady is a world-renowned Tarot reader and expert who has been reading Tarot and teaching Tarot for close to 30 years. She is the host of the popular online Tarot Bytes and Astrology Bytes.

Other books by author:

  1. The Tarot Coloring Book
  2. Astrology for Real Life (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious) and
  3. The co-author of Tarot For Troubled Time

Meet the author online at

Tarot – No Questions Asked Book

Book Review

The book starts with meanings of all the 78 cards which actually takes up 80% of the book content. So, if you are intermediate reader – this can serve as a revision but for an advanced reader – this can be quite boring to navigate through. This may be a gold for the beginners in Tarot while you are still learning the meanings.

The meanings of each card ends with

  • How to embody the card meaning
  • Questions to Ponder
  • Tarot exercise known as Tarotcises

These are some things that help you connect with the deck – Some minor exercises, questions to ponder or looking for situations in the tarot cards. Simple exercises though not all practical are quite helpful to provide a good background for card connection and intuition. Only caveat is it still a very small part.

The book claims to read Tarot intuitively – but intuitive reading comes more from intuition rather than cards standard meaning. However, the 80% of the book is based on card meaning.

The remaining 20% is the application of Pareto Principles which give 80% of the results for the intuitive readings. It covers all stuff from shuffling, deck cleansing, intuition exercise (though very limited) with little light on the Clairs (Clairs are senses of intuition).

The book also covers everything from setting up a business, selecting a significator, a good part on timing in tarot (interpreting the when), numerology and spreads. However, the spreads are limited to only 3 variants:

  1. One card
  2. Past – Present – Future
  3. Celtic Spread

So, a good content for the intermediates, great content for beginners and a kind of sail through of when will the book end for the advanced readers. Although book claims on Intuitive Reading – the content on the same is highly limited.


For a Beginner: 4.0 / 5
General Rating: 2.9/ 5
Comments: GOOD. If you are beginner this book is highly recommended. Otherwise this book does contain few gems hidden if you are past learning the meanings of the cards. If you have enough time and resources a single read would be helpful.

This review is not a paid one. The views are completely personal and can be biased and raises no question on the author who is so well known, renowned and respected. This are my personal views about the book – which may guide you on whether you need to invest your time and money on the book. I have reviewed from the experience of reading many tarot books.

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