Purpose: Why you need it and why it adds depth to life

Humans are meaning driven animals. We all are driven by something. But we also have times when we are sad, despair, feel aimless or are covered in clouds of overwhelm.

We are at peak of efficiency and suddenly we loose it all. We have goals, plans, to do lists and lot to do and yet sometimes it’s just like we don’t feel like doing anything and then things keep on piling.

People advice on having goals and say it adds meanings to life. Then why don’t you feel motivated and have loads of half finished projects ?

Baffling on this, being in a phase of productivity porn (blog on this coming soon!), I discovered via a motivational video on YouTube which also has a podcast linked to author of book Limitless by Jim Kwik.

It brought me one message: Purpose.

Whatever you are doing ask why you are doing it ? What is it that when you wake up – you feel the sense: I need or want to do something.

What is your Reason ?

What is your Purpose ?

Find out your why as Simon Sinek mentions in his books on Find your Why and Start with why. This is the one thing that adds a deep motivation to work.

Remember, Earning money is not why as it is more an outcome.

What is your reason for doing something ?

Is it

  • because of your daughter/son ?
  • Is it because you need money badly and want to improve your situation ?
  • Is it you are pissed off with life and a need a breakthrough?
  • Is it because you want your life sorted ?
  • Is it because you want to prove someone or to yourself ?


Simon Sinek in his international bestseller START WITH WHY mentions the concept of Golden Circle. It shows to start with a WHY – Your Purpose and then build on the concentric layers of HOW and then comes What you do. Its not the other way round – What you do for living and then how you do it. A fulfilling journey starts with a why, builds on How then to what.

The Golden Circle: START WITH WHY (Simon Sinek)

What is your Reason ?

Let that Reason fuel your life and give the purpose. Everytime you don’t feel like doing anything, get to the why or the reason

Wake up with the strong sense of purpose and see how your day changes

Purpose = Your Reason = Your Why

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