New Blog Category – SELF HELP

“What you seek is seeking you.”


This idea has been in nascent mode since around may be 3 years. Many times it was fuelled with eagerness and passion to find a way to make content for the readers. But may be, the core focus being Divination – this idea was given a set back.

The next issue was: What has self-growth/ self help to do with divination ?

And if yes, how to reconcile the two ?

Should the category be called LIFE-COACHING / SELF HELP / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ? How can it be integrated with Divination themed website ?


Blends well with the Divination and New Age Spirituality. But Really ? My purpose here is not to Coach someone for I know I am the same as the reader struggling to improve my life and grow and I have 2 tools for it that i use in my personal life – Divination and Self Help.

I am not a Life coach nor can i coach someone when I am half broken. Nor do I wish to provide any coaching services at present or near future.


The Why – the need for publishing the self help / improvement articles ?

The ultimate purpose of is to provide a direction to a better future. Apart from mere divining the future – it is more about empowerment and providing guidance. And in a way IMPROVE YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE.

Well, then so does Self Help does that – Improve your Life and Future. Self Help is my Second or rather the other passion apart from divination. And it shall serve the same purpose for what this website is for.

No, I don’t want to get money from it. Nor I am in coaching about it. But I have read so many books on self help and have host of notes and new ideas generated from those notes that have helped me improve my life – not that i have got the ultimate mantra (nor there is one).

Through this category of Blog- I wish to

  1. Share my content / notes
  2. Share my ideas
  3. Give content that I have tested on myself and can improve your life too.
  4. I do not want to limit it to only self help – but anything that can promote growth, improve your life right from productivity to self help to philosophy.

What’s in it for you ??

Knowledge is Power and has no limits ! And Ideas need to be shared…

First of all : its free content well researched, self tested and somehow contributed to betterment of my life. Along with blogs related to divination. It will be interspersed within the divination articles – under the category SELF HELP.

And do not worry – the self help content will never overpower the Divination content but will blend perfectly with it giving you a touch of personal growth, spiritual growth and growth of knowledge.

I Look forward for your support in the form of followings or at least readings the articles because ultimately the content doesn’t deserve to be stored in my repository just for me. If it works for me … it will work for you as well. Who knows.. if it can make your life better even by 1% !

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