June 2021 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

June 2021 – Cat Tarot


9 of Swords. This month is more about controlling your emotions and getting out of your head. There could be unexplained anxiety and worries. A small concern may become a big reason to worry. But, keep in mind that you may be making a mountain a out of a mole hill. You can be a bit aggressive as fear often precipitates as anger. Take care of your health. Avoid Stress. Zoom out from daily life or your problems and see a larger picture. Take care of your belongings. This may also be a good time to rest and take a break. Avoid getting in conflicts. This is also time to leave your mark behind. If you are good at something you can create a master piece.


8 of Swords. Laziness is what dominates this month. You may have lots to do but somewhere will feel like you just don’t want to do it. Some of you may be gaining weight – keep a check and especially on your diet, health and lifestyle. Get some exercise. You would enjoy being where you are rather than take any risks. At times, you may even be indifferent to your problems. Rest when you have to and work when you need to. You may be too much self-obsessed – try getting a social bit. Family time is good packed with good sleep.


King of Cups. Caring, Nurturing, being emotional are the traits you may experience this month. Some may pursue – new courses, new career, new passions new interests and new hobbies. Logic is out of the window and intuition is in. Trust your gut on this. Mood swings may be common this month. Travels may be indicated for some. Money may come in but you will also spend a good sum on luxuries, jewelry or new clothes. Parties may be common this month. Life will be kind of jolly and carefree. Things may come and go – so does work but you will have your own tune and inner flow. A happy family time is indicated.


King of Swords. Experience a great clarity and clear thinking. Astonish at the way you can perceive the reality. This month your decisions will be more logical and analytical rather than emotional. You will also spend wisely keeping a balance of joy and essentialism. Change is expected. A sort of order is what you will try to establish in a chaotic and changing world. Travel, play time is also indicated. You may have to take neutral decisions about life. Solve your problems as this is the perfect time to have a clear picture. You may have to speak for yourself and take stand for what you believe in.


Queen of Swords. Experience is what will pave your way to this month’s problem. Your past is the solution to the present and future. Look for answers in your experience. You may be a bit harsh in expressing the truth. Order, control and power are important things you will cherish this month. Also a time to relax, spend time alone and watch a Netflix movie on the couch. Its time to unwind when needed and promote self care. Check your weight and overall health. You are well grounded and can see things clearly and make wise decisions.


Knight of Cups. Expect a treat this month. Lunch, family dinners, parties with friends may be possible. Travels are expected. Some of you may begin a journey on a romantic adventure. Love is in the air. Relationships may blossom. Overall, a happy time to enjoy pleasures of life. Trust your gut and intuition, it will often be right this month. If you love cooking make some exotic dishes for feast. Have a night out. Family help and support will be there. Enjoy the cozy comforts of life.


2 of Pentacles. Its time to balance. Work may increase, family demand may rise but the only solution is to balance. Handle things playfully and life will be fun. You may often say yes when you should be saying no. So keep a check on it. Remember you cannot pursue everything. Taking risks, adventures and moving beyond the comfort zone may be possible. Libra itself is a sign of balance.


Empress. Time for growth. Expect new projects to initiate. What you put in effort will grow. You may feel in the sky at present while things tends to move effortlessly on the path to progress. Someone expecting a baby this month can be a sign of yes. A trip in nature can be refreshing. Gardening as a hobby may interest some of you. As Venus energy creeps in expenses may creep in as you may spend on new clothes and luxuries of life. This is the time to enjoy the comforts of life.


Death card. No – No one’s dying. Expect a lot of changes. Things will be coming to an end. You may be moving to new career, new home, new relationship as one chapter in your life is about to end. Change may not always be pleasant. As it is inevitable and beyond your control – have readiness to let things go which you often cling to. Take care of your health and you family members. And if changes are happening – do not resist and let them happen. Take care of your oral health and teeth too.


7 of Swords. Have goals and dreams ? Keep it secret – now is not the time to disclose it. Take care of your belongings. Keep your thing in safe place. Avoid Carelessness. Someone may sneak past you and may bring damage to you and you will be shocked how you became the victim in spite of your strong guard. So do not take things lightly. Be determined on what you want to achieve. Goals may be important this month than family or relationships. Be careful of law – do not break rules and pay your fines or penalties. Read all documents carefully before signing.


Judgment Card. Karma is back and what you have sown is what you will get. So, do not crib if you don’t get what you expected. Its only what you have sown that you get. Be careful and be in close touch to your inner self – as there may be some inner calling that will direct you to your life calling. You might have to move on to a new life leaving behind the past baggage. Be open to new ideas, new inspirations and new life. For when the trumpet will blow, things will change overnight. So don’t get shocked how things changed so fast.


Page of Pentacles. This is the month to learn new things. Pursue new things – new course. Be on an experimental trail and error path and you will have a rich learning experience. Be grateful for your education. Develop skills this month that you need to advance your career. Good news in terms of studies, finances and growth is expected. If you are expecting a baby – this may be the time. If you have children – its time to spend some good deal of time with them. Their will be matters of concern relating to them. Overall a good period to develop your skills and learn new things in life.

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