Sibyl’s Oraculum: Deck and Card Review

Author: Tayannah Lee McQuillar
Artwork by: Katelan V Foisy

Publisher Details:
Destiny Books

Pages: 147

The book is a guidebook to the Oracle deck titled Sibyls Oraculum.

It’s an oracle of the Black Doves of Africa. Just like Oracle of Delphi, the book is about oracle from Libya.

The book describes a brief history of Oracle and Siwan and Temple of Amun. Described in simple language with insights on symbols and its meaning for divination.

The next structure in the book is on How to use the Oracle Deck. It is interesting to note that this oracle deck has a different way of reading.

There are 4 coloured card category ranging from Black, Copper, Blue to Red which represent Core Fundamental issues, Rationalisation/ justifications , Action cards – internal (blue) and external (red), respectively.

The questions asked to Oracle are in the statement starting as COMMENT ON. It can be used to get guidance on any problem, birthday, new year or on starting new ventures.

Card Colors (back – Left to Right): Blue – Red – Copper – Black

The cards lays out on your problems from a core or fundamental or spiritual issue – the root cause of problem represented by Black Cards. Then comes logic misrepresented in the form of rationalisation/ justification you give to overcome the core issues. The two category of action cards are the blue cards representing desired internal state to address the issue at hand and red card for external mindset or action to be taken to solve the problem.

A uniquely new concept to Reading the cards ! Focusing on more of practical insights.

The last section of the book describes each of 44 cards divided into 4 units of 11 each based on card color. The meaning of the cards – gives a quote followed by symbols explanation on the card. This is followed by religious mythological association of the card which I believe is too brief and practically useless to individuals not known to Egyptian or African mythology and religions. The end is completed by Divinatory meaning of each card.

Sibiys Oraculam – Oracle Cards

It is interesting to note that humans are not depicted in the card set. Each card has an hazy and shiny reflective image giving an effect of old mosaic patterns. The colors red and copper on back of cards are not clearly distinguished and may require some strain to separate the category of the cards falling in copper and red colors . Each card is provided with an epigram or one word for guidance on meaning of cards. Symbols are easy to understand once you read the book. Don’t expect the cards to be read directly without reading the book as there is a way to read the cards, unlike other oracle deck where accompanying books are practically useless.

To close, the book is explanatory on card meanings and symbols which can improve the knowledge of symbols. Without the books the card can be difficult to interpret. The history given in the beginning of book is informative and easy to understand but the religious mythology association of each card in the book is beyond understanding if you are not known to Libyan culture / mythology/ religion. Note that the Book comes with the deck and there is no need to purchase the book separately.

Overall, a unique deck to have in collection because of its unique way of reading and more practical way of answering your questions unlike most oracle card decks which give information on spiritual aspects with little grounds on practicality.

BOOK REVEIW: 3.8 / 5

DECK REVIEW: 4.0 / 5

Comments: The Deck has a unique way of reading and provides more practical answers that can be applied to all levels – spiritual, analytical, beliefs, thought process and actual actions.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a PAID review. Views are personal and can be biased.

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