Book Review – The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever

Author: Dusty White
Pages: 342
Published: 20 Mar 2009
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Available: Ebook, Paperback, Amazon Kindle

The first in series of the 2 Main books by Dusty White. The second one being the Advanced Tarot Secrets. The book is apt for the beginners who are just on the starting path to learning Tarot. For the intermediates the book serves as a Resources to improve readings and understanding better. For the advanced tarot readers, the exercises in the book are still helpful and meanings may sound repetitive but in between lines new insights can come up.

The Book starts with Basics of Tarot with deck selection, care of Cards followed by Exercises to Learn and Connect with your cards. Some exercises are easy to accept and learn while some may seem distant and impractical. This is followed by Individual card meanings for each of the 78 cards. So if you already know the meanings this can get boring and a drag to finish. But you may surely find something new information if you can stick to the end.

The Exercise are fun and easy and are quickest way to connect to your cards. Though some may be distant and difficult to practice. Often it is observed that exercises in a workbook are often left to Reading rather than actual practice vs when you are in live tarot workshop. So, the practice of exercise is a bit challenge when you don’t have the structure (the energy of Emperor) in life.

There is a separate section on Spreads. The author believes Spreads are helpful only if they are meaningful to us and not in general. So choose your Spreads wisely. A lot of spreads that are helpful are given starting from one card to Celtic Cross (describes right from basic level). Note that Celtic Cross and Roundabout Spread ( which is author’s own creation) are expanded greatly in his next book Advanced Tarot Secrets.

The meanings of the cards are given nicely; helpful to beginners and based on RW Deck images. It starts with a short card description but does not go in details about the symbols. Occasionally if you know Card meaning you may find something new. This is followed by Esoteric and Traditional Meanings of each card. A quick short read but can run dry in due course if you already know meanings well. But still hang on.

The Book ends by giving Miscellaneous uses of Tarot, Using cards at a Party, brief history of Tarot and the most important part Troubleshooting. This is limited though helpful when you are actually having problems of readings

Things I really loved about the book are the few concepts listed below:

  1. Do not stick to the conventional meaning of cards. 78 cards represents trillions of experiences we feel in our life. Suit to needs and that’s the skill.
  2. Spreads are helpful when they are meaningful to you.
  3. The concept of Aspecting cards, Clarifying or opening up the cards for more information
  4. The need for keeping the Spreads open while reading as it acts a Psychic Window between you and the client.
  5. Building and Casting Spreads
  6. Let the cards communicate to you. And this is only possible when you can connect with cards. For connection you have to give time to your cards

Yes, the book is not without bad points, like I mentioned some exercise are too distant to try and being in a book can mean it will always be in the book. You might read and never try. Make it an effort to try. If you are known with card meanings this can get bit boring to sail through meanings of 78 cards. As you will find little new information. But for beginners it’s a thumbs up and a helpful book.

Disclaimer: No paid affiliations with the book or the author. This is my personal review and may / may not match with general consensus

Ratings: 4.2 / 5

Comments: Best for beginners, add on for advanced readers. A must One time read ! Learn to connect with cards and see how well they communicate with you.

You can read the Review of Author’s other book: ADVANCED TAROT SECRETS

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