March 2021 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

March 2021 Reading – Deck Used: The Indian Folktale Tarot by Dr. Ruchi Rastogi


Knight of Swords. Life is moving fast or perhaps better way to put is you are on a race. Is your mind racing to thoughts? Slow down. Take a breathe when things get overwhelming. The fire energy of Aries can fill with you intense energy- if uncontrolled can get you in anxious mode, conflicts or even blunders. Take a Pause. Things for you may be moving fast. A lot can happen. But remember it is your perception not the actual reality. Travels are indicated. Some of you may have issues with vehicles / transport. Some may consider buying a new transport. Be careful of what of you speak. Think before you leap is the mantra for this month.


7 of wands. You have worked hard. Secured your position, relationships and finances. But opposition is still there. Be careful of people who envy you. Stay away from negative vibes. People envy or dislike you because you are in better position. Expect confrontation at work or relationship. Work burden may suddenly increase. But remember you are always in better position to handle it. Protect what you cherish. Do not disclose your dreams until they materialise. Unexpected things may come up during this month. Security is there but be careful of your belongings. Defending your self is the mantra for this month.


The Devil. Be careful if you are a part of bad things. It’s time to leave it for good. Are you too attached to something ? Your work, your kid, your boss demands or your partner ? It’s time to draw a line and become detached for a while. A secret hidden benefit is keeping you hooked to pain and suffering- try identifying it and see if you can let go off that benefit/ desire. It’s till safe out there. Expect some troubles around. But the key is to be detached. The more detached you are the better you can handle things. This is the time to check if you have recently picked up any habits. Do not let it grow too much that it is beyond management. Detachment is the mantra for this month.


The High Priestess. This month is a time to learn – enrolling in course, reading books, learning new skills. A choice may have to be made. Whether you want to be good or want to be bad and teach the opponents a lesson. To forgive or fight your enemies is a choice you may have to make. Note that this is not destiny- but a choice given to you. You decide and so the fate becomes. Gaurd your secrets. Reveal only what is essential including people whom you trust. Deep desires of distant travels are breeding in background. Mood swings and life changes will happen in cycles. So expect ups and downs. Learn from your mistakes and problems. Learning and Guarding Secrets are the mantra for this month.


Wheel of Fortune. Expect changes. One thing certain in this month is Change. You don’t have much role to play. What is running smooth can experience standstill, what is stagnant can see exponential growth. Go with the wheel rather than resisting it, resistance will only worsen the situation as you have little control over situations. Expect Good Luck, Favours, Blessings and unexpected Benefits this month. If you feel something needs to be changed this month- now is the time! Go for it. Remember at the end of the day – we may do our best but we never have control over the results – this is also the message of The Bhagvan Gita from Mahabharata. Change is the mantra for this month.


Knight of cups. Slow and steady with an emotional attitude to life is how this month unfolds. You control yourself a lot, try to stay safe, move slowly, avoid risks and feel emotions. Try to be a bit rational about what you think. Travels are indicated for some. Deep desires surface now and it’s time to act on it. Family functions may also be a an event to visit. Vacations planning may be on the cards this month. Being too emotional can slow you down at work. But a blend of intelligence and emotions can work wonders for you. You can bond more deeply with people, things, work this month. Emotions under control is the mantra this month.


2 of wands. Plans, goals, to do lists are slowly filling up your mind. Things are getting set in motion. Looking for a job, looking for marriage, looking for love… things will start showing up. If you are feeling bad or depressed it is best now to set your eyes in future or towards inspiring goals. Have something to look forward and it will fill your present with excitement. Believe me – it works ! Libra is all about balance. 2s represent balance and choice. Expect a lot of balancing between work and family. You may have to make few choices relating to work or job change. Now is the time to set stones for the future castle !
Plan and Visions are the mantra for this month.


Ace of wands. New energy , New enthusiasm and New joy are about to be added this month. Nurture your newly sparked interests. New sources of income may open up. New prospects of love, new job opportunities may pop up. Be careful of what you plant as the plant will grow to tree and a whole cycle of prosperity and pain will continue to complete it. Sow your seeds wisely. As new passion and energy fill this month. Look forward and work towards what you desire. This is the phase of beginnings. Light up the darkness ! It’s time to start things ! Remember, well begun is half done. New Passionate beginnings is the mantra for this month.


6 of Pentacles. Time to give. Remember money must flow to get more money. Excessive savings and being a miser can prevent flow. Less flow means less money coming in. It’s time to give. Make charity big or small. It’s not just money – but the act of kindness. Make this month a motto to give something – anything to the needy. Be blessed and feel gratitude for all the things you have. It is your haves that can fulfil the needs of other. If you are looking for loan approvals this might be the time. This also opens up the ability to Receive. Be open to blessings coming to you. When opportunity or money knocks do not look away from the door. Financial status will improve. Family life may be filled with happy times. There could be a family event or a celebration. Giving and receiving are the mantra for this month


6 of cups. Old times are golden. Relive the old memories. Take time how to reflect where you are today and how the journey you have travelled so far has been. Be mused by what you have achieved, how you managed the difficulties and are still surviving. Time to connect with old friends. A reunion is also in the cards. Things hidden in the grave of past can start popping out this month. It’s also a month to help near and dear ones. Team work is recommended. Living together and deepening family bonds is on the cards. You will receive lot of support from other people at work and family. Be open, friendly and helpful. Help and Nostalgia are the mantra for this month.


9 of Wands. You are the champion and when help is needed you may be called for. Because you are the right person for the job. Dangers, threats and problems are not absent from this month. In fact, you have them because you are the only one who can deal with it. Take time off. Take care of your health. Take care of your belongings. Gaurd your valuables. You are strong financially, emotionally and physically. All you need is to protect and maintain it. Don’t let external events disturb you internally. Safety and Call of duty are the Mantra for this month.


The Hermit. As watery sign full of emotions, artistic ability and creativity, this is time to take a step back. A block can be cleared if you step back, spend time alone, reflect in your solitude. Answers to any problem are within. All that is needed is solitude. Take some time off to let the juices flowing again. Knowledge, wisdom and learning new skills are on the cards. Enroll for a new course or take up higher studies this month. Travel distant lands to spend some time alone. Give up your attachment and worldly desires for the time being to see things objectively. If you need to flow freely and experience freedom and joy, you need to cut your attachment. Solitude is the mantra for this month.

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