Book Review – Advanced Tarot Secrets

Written by Dusty White
Available: Amazon (Kindle unlimited) and Hard copies

It’s a book 2 of the Tarot Learning Book. The first part being the THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN THE TAROT EVER.

Packed in 219 pages of hard copy are secrets of Tarot at an advanced level. The First edition was by Createspace Independent Pub, Aug 2013.

The book has some great insights to start with learning more about advanced form of Tarot. Unlike the conventional basic books of Tarot which just describes the card meanings and few spreads, this book is beyond it. It focusses on techniques, new information about different ways to use Tarot.

If you are looking for card meanings or a beginner this book is not for you. The book details simple exercises that can improve your Tarot Practice most of which are taken from Author’s first book. The techniques few are helpful and applicable but other seem too impractical to put into practice if you do not have a study buddy.

The book focusses the main bulk of its pages on THE CELTIC SPREAD and THE ROUNDABOUT SPREAD. The Celtic spread way of reading is modified by the author. What is amazing to see is the way the hidden spreads can be interpreted from the Celtic Cross. The Roundabout spread is based on astrology and can be added to your collection of Spreads.

The other chunk of book focuses on using Tarot for Manifestation. The author completely rubbishes the conventional Law of attraction as marketed in recent times which I agree with the author. The different concept to learn in Manifestation is Building spreads rather than casting spreads. It’s one where you choose cards to lay in a spread – detailed and interesting concept.

The book also highlights other use of Tarot like Dowsing, Remote viewing, etc but the information and practical use of it is very very limited. The history of tarot is covered very little more of references.

The bad part of book apart from few impractical exercises are the repeated affirmation or endorsements by author to read his other books. Some of the web- sites mentioned as reference in the book are out of order.

I personally loved the HERO- SIDEKICK spread and technique to improve my reading. Another beautiful thing about the book is the way Celtic Cross is described but it misses on basics of it. The hidden spreads in it are a sure thing to learn. The best part of the book is 4 PASS READING. Which is a beautiful technique to approach reading which acts like a technique or checklist to proceed with reading in a systematic way like looking for meaning first and then themes and so on.

In all, if you are beginner or looking for meanings of standard cards this is not a book for you yet. It surely is for intermediate or advanced Tarot Learner’s. There will be sure new things to learn from this book.

Disclaimer: No paid affiliations with the book or the author. This is my personal review.

Rating: 3.5/5
Comment: Good but not great. Worth a read !

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