February 2021 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Sun and The Moon Tarot : February 2021 Tarot Reading


Three of Swords. February is a bit of month where things are not as expected by you. Take this time to look as what you can correct, what you can fix. Check your beliefs, question your thinking. The confusion at mental level is what is causing the gloom, sadness and sorrow. Avoid getting into conflicts with your loved ones. At work avoid any strong emotional response. Take this time to go within and have a deep reflection.


5 of Pentacles. Job changes are quite common. Travel to distant place in search of work or retreat is also indicated. Be careful of your expenses – try and balance it with inflow or times can get difficult. Less work and idle time can bore you out. Lack of money may trigger worries and financial constraints. Happy and supportive time from family can be welcomed. It’s time to set your life right and plan ahead and make the moves. Avoid new ventures or big deals. Start small.


Ace of cups. Abundance starts flowing in areas of love, happiness and wealth. Health is good. New energy starts pouring now. Relationship may grow and deepen. Emotions are pleasant. Work life is good. Expect some goodies. Some may be in new chapters of life. Go with the flow and energy. Enjoy the moment as things might happen just the way you expected !


5 of Wands. Work may dominate this month. Strict competitions, deadlines and deliveries may be enough to pressure you. Be careful in dealing with other people as they may have different agenda than yours. Stagnation at work, relationships and finances may be experienced. The only way out is to change your thinking – with the same thinking, the problem may never find a solution. Check your stress levels. Sometimes you can let go off the battles. Avoid getting in conflicts with closed ones


Two of Swords. Choices – that’s what you have to make. But which one is the question ? That is the state of mind this month. Try selecting a path and be settled instead of getting in whirlpool of which path is correct. Open your eyes, face your fears, face your problems head on and see how things change. No mentions of the amount of amount of peace you will with get this one. Courage and ability to make a choice are keys solutions to most of your problems this month.


9 of Pentacles. A good month for gains. Expect increase in finances, love and happiness. A happy month. Visions materialise. Love blossoms. Set your visions now and see it materialise in the future – all resources are at hand. For some it may be an easy and happy go lucky month. Enjoy it.


Kind of cups. A good month for relationship with your closed and loved ones. You will tend to take work from emotional aspect adding depths to your work. When meaning in life is clear it deepens the way you live and work. An advice from leader or expert may be helpful. You may suddenly find yourself in position where people love, admire and respect you.


10 of Pentacles. A good time for family. Finances will be good. Legacy of family grows. Expect few family functions/ travel or good times with closed ones. Work may give you good results and growth and strengthen your position. You may have strong feelings of security and being safe. Be careful of financial issue and don’t let them get in way of your relationships.


King of Pentacles. Life is stable, work is good, finances are growing. Expect stability and help and support from elders and leaders. Someone wants your advice and you can guide them. You may be seen as a leader or go to person at work. Travels are indicated. Spendings for luxuries is also indicated.


Temperance. This month is about balance and moderation. Don’t get addicted to something or over do something. Balance all – life , work , play and relationships. Excessive focus on one can put life in ups and downs. Compromise in relationships if needed and let the wheel of love turn smoothly.


High Priestess. New knowledge and secrets may be revealed. It’s also time to Gaurd your secrets. A good time for learning and upgrade your skills. Trust your guts and instinct rather than being dependant on advice of others. A pleasant future is coming soon. Don’t reveal your plans before they materialise.


Two of Wands. Expect lots of work and quick decisions may have to be made. Heat of work may affect family life. Indecision can slow you down. Make a choice and take action should be your mantra. Passion may fuel relationships either positively or negatively. You may experience a confident feeling and develop deep inner trust in your abilities.

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