2021 Yearly Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.ARIES – (21 MAR – 20 APR)
TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)
LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUG)
VIRGO (23 AUG – 23 SEP)
LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)
PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

Disclaimer: The yearly reading is just an overview of the year 2021.

Ethereal Visions – Illuminated Tarot Deck


6 of Cups. This Year is getting in connection with the old, lost relationships and connecting with people. Work can see much of progress when you work together with your colleagues. Few projects will bloom and grow slowly and steadily. Family life will be good, past problems can prop up. This year brings your Karmic effects of what you have sown in past. There is a chance of travels and purchase of some property or luxury items this year. A good time to build relationships and deepening connections. Love will blossom. Be careful as past issues which were unresolved can creates problems this year. This year will be bring on sweet memories to keep for the coming years.


Page of Wands. For learning this is a great year. Students will benefit the most this year. Set your visions and goals now – if you know the direction, energy can be controlled and channelled. Work will be the main focus. It’s time to learn and grow. Relationship can get passionate. Travel plans are on the list. This is the right year to set goals for a long period – 5 year to 10 years. Be careful of the risks and bold moves; as immaturity and inexperience can lead to more problems. Finance will start to come slowly and steadily. It’s more of learning phase than earning phase. New inspiration and passionate feelings will surge and develop this year. Many of you are set to travel to distant lands for work or education purposes. Overall, this year is for learning and setting your goals.


10 of Cups. A very happy year for family affairs and relationships. Expect lots of happiness. Yes, problems are not missing but in the end it will be a happy and good year. A time for being with the family. Money will grow to afford the luxuries of life. Work will be less worrisome. Those expecting a baby can see a positive sign. Life May get some what secure and stable. All is well as the saying goes. Love deepens. Marriages can solemn. You are protected and covered. Enjoy the year 2021 to the best. This is the period that milestones of life will be seen like: being a parent, a promotion, graduating, getting an admission, getting a good job, being married, etc.


5 of Pentacles. Problems are not as yet as over. Feelings and emotion can get dominating. There could be some financial issues. Also, it is important to take care of your Health. On the good side, people who truly love you will be by your side in all your problems and will back you. Do not overspend. Avoid overwork – rest when essential. Moving to new place is quite likely or a change of residence. Change is there – if you resist it will cause problem. Change when needed. Things can get unpredictable at times. Look for people who love you- they are the ones who will help you out. A year of change !


Ace of Cups. All the drama has ended. Welcome the new change and with it new beginnings. There is abundance. Hold your glass and it will overflow. Things will run in your favor. Happy feelings and blessing overflow. Relationship can see new beginnings or rekindling of old love. Career will see growth and finances will flow in. New dreams are set. New energy is here. Avoid overconfidence and trust the flow of Universe. A year of Abundance !


Queen of cups. Some May embrace motherhood. Those at work will nurture their projects and career growth. There will be no financial problems as such. Relationship will blossom. Shopping new clothes, new accessories, home items will surge. Meeting people and getting the taste of living a life of richness can be experienced. Lots of parties and meetings and some celebration too come along the way. Life may at times seem as usual, dull and boring. This is the year of Nurture.


2 of Swords. You wished you had more choices in life. And now when you have it, you are confused. This year be prepared as indecision can frequently blind you. At times, you may experience feelings of being stuck and there can be a lot of indecisiveness in matters of family, love and career. It’s time to take that leap and decide. Get out of your head and see things from a different perspective. There may be too much to handle and balance. A lack of courage is often a common cause that leads to indecisiveness. There may be some stagnation in career, but if you want to come out of it – set an intention of what you want. This is the year of Choices !


10 of wands. Lots of work and responsibilities is bound to load you this year. Be prepared. But remember if it gets too much you can give away a few – you don’t always have to carry the burden on your back. There can be work related travels. Work will increase, career can grow causing a burn out effect. At times, you may just feel all the burden is just essential and you need to carry on. But you can always drop some. This year is about keeping your responsibilities in check !


2 of Cups. A year of Partnership. Entering in new business ventures or in partnership can be helpful this year. Those in love can see love blossoming and marriage will be on cards. This year is about exchanges. If you need something be ready to exchange something in return. Money will grow. Choices about career and love at times can overwhelm you. It’s a year for Give and Take and time to make a choice ! A good year for love and relationships.


The Hermit. This year is all about walking the journey within. Help will be limited. It is a Life changing year with a Major Arcana Card. You have to walk the path alone and you can do it. There will be a lot of gain in wisdom and knowledge this year. For students definitely a beneficial year. Pursuing a new course/ hobby/ skill can give you lots of returns. Social life can be limited. You will be experiencing a bit of solitude. Not a great time for family when you are busy battling inner demons. At times it can be depressing and dull but the light of knowledge will give the direction to move. A year of Solitude !


Hanged Man. This is a life changing year for you with the drawing of Major Arcana card. It’s time to suffer for higher gains. Sacrifice and you will get the success. But be careful how much damage you are inflicting to yourself in the process. And remember it’s all self created. You can choose to stop suffering and sacrificing anytime you want. Some of you may be taking risks that can have repercussions. Be careful in relationships if you are making yourself suffer – it’s self inflicted. A year of sacrifice and self sufferings for higher gains. Growth in work and career is bound to happen with hard work.


Emperor. A life changing year with the Major Arcana in the Reading. Discipline, order, rules and authority are the pillars of this years. Work will see growth with discipline and order coming in. Finances will grow. Some may experience fatherhood. You could have dealings or issues with the authorities or Government. Be careful in this dealings. Being too much structured can cause relationships and family life to get haywire. Keep a distinct boundaries where structures end and emotions start. A year of Structure, Order and Discipline.

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