One Year Of Monthly Tarot Reading

Started as a free service of providing Monthly Tarot Reading Blog back in Dec 2019 completes ONE YEAR Today … Dec 2020.

It is immense joy to look back at the Consistency of Monthly readings. It is never easy to be consistent- life is full of ups and downs. Life, thoughts and beliefs do change over time. What was important back then may not be important today. As we get busy in our daily lives, it gets difficult to honour our commitment and maintain consistency. It is tested at all times and staying up is all that matters in the end.

It was not easy, but Thank you readers for the good support in the forms views that I was able to deliver.

Consistency is one of our core values at Divination Geek

and bet you it is not at all easy pursuing the passion while life turns you up and down.

Looking forward to maintain the consistency for the coming time too. Once again, Thank you Readers !!!

Stay tuned for 2021 readings and January Monthly Readings…

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