November 2020 Tarot Reading

Note that readings are based on Sun Signs (Western astrology) – look at your Sun Sign or Sign correlating to your birthdate.

Aries – (21 Mar – 20 Apr)
Taurus (21 Apr – 21 May)
Gemini (22 May – 21 June)
Cancer (22 June – 22 July)
Leo (23 July – 22 Aug)
Virgo (23 Aug – 23 Sep)
Libra (24 Sep – 23 Oct)
Scorpio (24 Oct – 22 Nov)
Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) 
Capricorn (22 Dec – 20 Jan) 
Aquarius (21 Jan – 19 Feb)
Pisces (20 Feb – 20 Mar)
November 2020 Tarot Reading


King of Pentacles. This month brings you good times and a stability you’re looking for. Career will see some stability and pick up. A Happy Family time awaits. This is the month to build on your skills, reputation and leadership. You are advised to be practical, be grounded and have a look at reality rather than following your wimps and fallacies. Overall a good month for enjoying luxuries of life and financial growth. 


Four of Cups. Life has lot to offer but your inner world is still in despair and somewhere deep down  unhappiness  apathy and despair resides. A sort of dull, boring and sad things happen in the background limiting you from fully expressing. The internal conflict can only be resolved through gratitude. The Card advises to look at what you have and be open to whatever small things are being offered to you. It may not be what you want but you have more than what you want.


2 of Cups. This month brings relationship in focus along with Partnership. Those focused on career can see important signing of contracts, agreements and long term commitments. For some, love may blossom and relationships may be at its destination. Happiness awaits this month that fills your heart with great excitement. Overall a happy time. 


Ace of Swords. New Thoughts, New Beliefs, New Way of Beings emerge this month. Life experiences will mould you to start a journey fresh. Welcome the new beginnings – it could be any field of your life. But remember it all starts with a thought. If your thoughts and beliefs are negative the beginnings may see a delay. Victory awaits – Problems may rise but clear thinking and sound decision making will help you cut through all the problems. 


Five of Cups. Some depression and sadness lingers over loss and changes in your life. But all is not that bad as it seems. You are just ignoring the good parts of life. Happiness is right behind; it’s just when focuses are shifted can you see the things as they are. Grief and sorrow are also integral part and not something that you need to overcome and/or suppress. Grieve and experience sadness when need be – it helps inner healing and makes you clear of your pain. 


Temperance. Do everything in moderation. Life may get suddenly busy and you may find yourself in juggling all aspects. But the key to problem lies in doing things in moderation and remember – not everything needs to be done on your to do list. Do not over do – Compromise in relationships if need be . When you can balance your responsibilities and overcome your temptations in life you will be amazed to what you can achieve and who you are. 


8 of Wands. This month brings a lot of rapid movements and changes. Stuck projects or things ? Expect to see movements and wheels turning. You can experience a surge in inner inspiration and motivation. There is travel on cards – so plan a holiday if you want to. Reap the benefits of movement to the best as the flow will be natural and you may not have to put a lot of active efforts. 


Six of Cups. Time for Nostalgia. Olden times may make you nostalgic. Expect a meeting with your friends and relatives this festive season. You will spend a good time with your family and loved ones. This is also a time to give gifts, do charity – the joy obtained from it will be enormous. Friendships also blossoms. Friends may be helpful. Emotions of love, care and happy times dominate this month. 


Queen of Rods/ Wands. Enjoy the power to control this month. Work will be well managed. You will be quite confident and passionate in your dealings. Management is your word for the month. Happy and successful times with a power of control in your hands. Use it well. Overall a happy, passionate mood will predominate. Relationships may also see renewed love and passion.


Knight of Swords. Action. Action. Action. This is what your internal state of mind will be. You may want to finish a lot of tasks and work – be it personal, family or at work. Energy will be abundant. Thinking may be quick and fast. It is advised to slow down a bit – take a breathe and handle things tactfully – there is no need to rush. Travels is also on the cards. How about a vacation – this festive season ? 


Judgement. Changes – is the keyword for this month. What is old and no longer serving is to die and you have to let go so that space for the new can be made. Being authentic and truthful of who you are will help you reach new heights rather than being deceptive and creating false image. There is a chance of purchasing something new. A discomforting time but is for your own good and growth. 


Hermit. Time to walk alone. Spend some time with yourself and get to know yourself better. The best relationship you can have is with yourself. Its time to look for answers within. When the happiness is taking birth within; you no longer have to depend on the external environment for validation. Inner Engineer your self and see what you can manifest. Trust yourself. 

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