September 2020 Tarot Reading

Deck Used: Crow Tarot

Crow Tarot – September 2020 Reading


What do I Need to know – Outcome 
Personal- Relationship- Finance – Career 


The month of September brings in some Hope of Good Times to come.

What you need to know ? 

The Star. This month asks you to be Hopeful. Situation may have been grim, boring, dull and depressed. But the change for good is slowly sneaking in. It’s time be optimistic and positive. The Star also represents fresh start – a point where you are completely clear off old baggages, worries and dramas. All is lost but that loss sparks a new fresh beginning. 


The 2 of Wands. Fixes you with a choice to make. You are about to start something new but still a choice and doubts haunt you. Be careful not to overindulge in making decisions as it can lead to analysis paralysis. It’s time to make a choice and take the step. This way or that way – either way you are choosing something even if you are not making a choice and postponing it. 


Ace of Swords. The month of September brings new beginnings, new thought patterns and beliefs in relationships that are important for you. New ideas can give new life to your old relationship. Those already in or looking for a new relationship are bound to see some new openings and breakthroughs. On a negative scale, be careful of starting any fights as it can have long term repercussions. 


Wheel of Fortune. This card suggests finance is dilly-dally. You don’t have much control over it. It’s more of luck. Wealth may pop in good amounts or it may be completely muted. Brace for lots of ups and downs on your financial front. Some of you may be lucky enough to get a new job or new career prospects.


8 of Wands represents movement. Career wheels will start turning. Expect a lot of work to pick up. As the wheel of fortune turns career may get a lift  off. Inspiration to work will he high and energy may be strong to get things done. This built up energy can be attributed to periods of slowdown in the past. 

Month Outlook

The Ace of Cups. Represents new emotional beginning. September overall is much much better for most of us compared to last few months.

With almost all positive cards and not a single negative card- September brings in hope, new Joy, fresh starts and bright prospects in all aspects of life. 

It is important to note that important changes are also about to happen in this month in terms of planetary positions. You can read here more about it. The Tarot Reading for September corroborates with Astrological Findings.

Happy Times !

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