August 2020 Tarot Reading

Deck used: TAROT ILLUMINATI (By Erik C Dunne)

Query Focus

  • Overall Month
  • General Advice
  • What I need to Know –
    • Career / Work
    • Finances
    • Relationship

General Outlook

The Month of August is about some Struggle. The struggle can be in relation to work as in Work competition with your colleagues. It could be you will find yourself in a comparison with others. Projects may find some opposition from others. Not that it is personal with you but that people have their own agendas and can be interfering with your intentions. You may find yourself in a stale mate position as if things are stuck and just not moving. It may be in relation to your family members or close ones also if its not related to work.


The Month of August does promise a lot of new things and growths. There could be some new beginning in the way you think or understand the process or life. It may be a birth of a new project. If you are planning to start something new it may just be the right time but be careful of telling your intentions to others before you implement it. It is advisable to start something and then go about playing drums in your social environment. Lay your foundations then advertise ! If you wish to see the project or your desire turning into reality – it is time you impose rules, develop self discipline, be more responsible and maintain control over things. A structured planning with organisation can definitely promise you success in your endeavors.

August 2020 Tarot Cards Layout


Financial Struggle may continue but work and money will creep in slowly but surely. It may not show big growth but lay a pathway for coming time. New ventures for earning more is also on cards. But it may not be easy to start. Have a problem ? Think it through you will find a solution. But remember to work. Daily efforts will get you success.


Relationships may experience struggle but it is in best interest to keep to your self. Be accommodating and things in matters of relationship will sail through smoothly. For some this month does promise new beginnings in the matters of relationship.


Passion seems to be heightened this month so use it wisely to direct your energy where you want to see growth as Success is definitely promised. Be wary of others and keep your plans to self. The advice is to master your skills slowly and steadily. Work hard, master your day and at the end of month – Viola ! You Just achieved miraculous results !

Trust in yourself than others. Be self directed. Avoid taking advice from others this month. The only person who knows the right thing about you is you. Be confident. The strong desire, Personal discipline and passion are your tools to lead the journey all by yourself.

Month Snippet

The month of August is promising as your emotional states of Passion are to be high. Just direct this energy in a structured and organised way to any new beginning that you are seeking. Now is the time. Walk the path alone first before you go all out public. A Happy month with new things coming in and of course a time to enjoy some beautiful aspects of life too.

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