Weekly Reading July 12-18,2020

Deck Used: Oracle of the Shapeshifters

This week is all about saying Goodbye.

The shapeshifters this week bring the changes happening to the peak so that it’s now time to let go, give up or eliminate what does not serve you.

For some, it could be things to let go off. Eliminate all the clutter, remove all unnecessary old items. It’s time to let go. Conditions are right just a step is needed to personal organisation and a clutter free life.

For some, it could be relationships to let go off. Which relationships in your life are no longer serving but you have held on to it ? It’s time to end the sufferings and move on.

For some, it could be your old self, emotions, past baggage to let go off. What burdens from the past are you carrying on ? It’s time to release them. You don’t need to carry them in the present and your coming future.

For some it is time to let go off projects that are stuck or no longer relevant but you are pursuing it just because you have to ! Let go.

In all something is changing and coming to an end. The shapeshifters ask you be active in ending stuff that is no longer serving you. Only when something dies something can be reborn. Make space for the new one by clearing the old. Look for things ending this week and

Happy Week !

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