July 2020 Tarot Reading : 3 Things you can do this July

A new month can always bring in new energies if we welcome it well. Here’s some guidance from Tarot Cards for the month of July 2020

Deck Used: Ethereal Tarot

What do I need to know for the month of July ?

The card is the 4 of wands. It’s time for celebration or get those happy and exciting feelings rolling back in life again. For some it may be getting back to work or getting back to normal life. For some it could be some sort of relief or a social family gathering. In a nutshell, July will see you with happy feelings of joy. If you have been working on something this is a month to stabilise it or achieve a milestone

3 Things I can do this month 

The cards picked were : The Empress, The Wheel of Fortune and 3 of wands.
Deck Used: Ethereal Tarot

First. It’s time to start on creative projects or new projects. This is a period of abundance. Start a little and life will throwback some quick small successes on your way. The true results may come in months or years to come. But now is the time to start on with creative projects. You will find yourself in the best of mood and be more optimistic when it comes to working on your project. (Empress)

Second. Trust Destiny. Now may not be the understanding of the whole. Trust the process – keep up with your tasks and things will move about. Massive changes happen with little changes. Trust things brought to you or experiences you are experiencing- that’s a lesson for you. Change is here this month. Lot may not go as planned but start of a creative project can get the wheels rolling. Expect changes in this month- on a large scale. (Wheel of Fortune)

Third. Focus on your work. Now will not get you results. There is still time. Air has been set in motion but the wind is yet to blow. This is a time to wait patiently while slowly working to the things you want. For results are about to come in distant times. (3 of wands)

July for some may bring a lot of changes in Family life, new member may enter your home if you are planning and work will see a promising start. Overall this month has a lot of positive cards with Major arcana being predominant. So welcome the change on your life. P.S. Its a Positive One !

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