Weekly Reading June 21 – 28, 2020

Card Deck: Oracle of Shape Shifters

Card: The Golden Phoenix

This week comes a message from your companion Guardian THE GOLDEN PHOENIX.

You have been experiencing lot of changes on personal front – both internally and externally. The change is blessed by Your Guardian. Recollect the Image of card every morning this week. While you recollect the image – The Golden Phoenix will charge your Chakras and Aura.

Oracle of Shapeshifter

If you have lately been experiencing lot of problems, remember the Phoenix makes you die before you can be born again and supports your transformation. So all bad things are actually good for you in long run. Allow yourself to be reborn.

This week is good week to take care of your physical body as it will be most receptive this week. Something from past re emerges on the surface this week – Pay special attention to it. It will be a sign that Golden Phoenix is here with you. If you have such an experience this week. It’s still not complete – what you thought was completed – a whole new chapter still remains to reborn !

Happy Week !

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