6 Thing to Avoid in Solar Eclipse

The following are Things to avoid in Solar Eclipse. These have Scientific and Beliefs as their basis. But it is in best interests to avoid it.

1. Avoid looking directly at the Eclipse

It’s obvious it can cause blindness. Directly viewing Solar eclipse does cause Retinal Damage and can lead to permanent blindness.

2. Avoid Going outdoors

Radiation can be harmful to both eyes and skin.

3. Avoid eating during Solar Eclipse.

It is said that bacteria in body gets active in presence of sunlight.During a solar eclipse, the magnetic fields, and UV ray levels are high. And our metabolism and digestion

4. Avoid Cooking and Drinking in Solar Eclipse

Its based on the same notion that there is increased bacterial activity during this time.

5. Avoid Non Veg Food and Alcohol

Avoid Non-Veg, fermented foods, high protein and heavy to digest foods during eclipse.

6. Pregnant Woman to stay indoors

There is a possibility of damage to fetus by radiation as per some studies. But it’s inconclusive – better safe than sorry.

There some popular beliefs in Hinduism and throughout World regarding Eclipses. It may not have scientific backing. It’s all beliefs and beliefs have power – Pick only what resonates to you !

  1. Avoid any new beginning of a venture/ Task
  2. Take a bath after eclipse to cleanse yourself of negative energies
  3. It is advised to discard all food cooked before eclipse.
  4. The ones that cannot be discarded must be protected with Tulsi leaves.
  5. It is auspicious to make offerings in the eclipse
  6. Chanting Mantra to Surya Devta (Sun God) is beneficial.

All of the above are traditional beliefs practiced with faith since years. And most have basis of some reality occurrence. The only scientific advisory is to protect your eyes from direct sight. Faith vs Science both are important. Faith is superset and infinite while Science is Subset and Finite. Choose what you want to believe !

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