My Story of Divination Geek

Greetings. Hi, I am Rujit, as you know me today as DIVINATION GEEK. Today, June 16 marks an important day in the birth and origins of Divination Geek. I believe I need to tell a Story about me and Divination Geek though it’s not filled with actions, rags to riches or success stories. But, I believe I have a story to tell – this story may be mine but somewhere you may find yourself in a parallel resemblance to your dream story. A story about Dreams – My Dreams and Your Dreams.


Dreams and Passion are two abstract terms. The Reason I believe it to be abstract is that it has no stance in reality. You tell someone and someone may say you are crazy and it fails in the test of reality. Other issue is that it is not structured and does not pay your bills – often fleeting and changing! Oh! I love photography and its my passion …. but how long it stays with you ?… In about 90% of cases …oh yay ! I had deep interest in photography and it was amazing 6 months back… I Learned all sorts of things. But now… Ahhh .. I just don’t feel interested – the spark is not just there. Sounds Familiar ? I guess it does – that’s what passion and dreams are about – FLEETING if not NURTURED. There is an another aspect to it – some are in it for years and it’s their life, their work – everything. But I wonder how many have such a gift or consistency to follow dreams and passions.


The Journey of Divination Geek had just started on a similar lines. In June 2019 – I do not recollect the precise date probably June 9/10, 2019. I was down with Viral fever with mental lowness and despair. The Fever was quite severe and I had to be off work for some 5-6 days. Not a big deal, there are illness that last for like weeks and months. But in these 5-6 days when I spent time with myself thinking about life, my sufferings, my inner battles, doldrum routines, boredom and unknown sadness and finding the purpose of existence – the meaning of life: something on the internet popped up about Tarot. I wanted answers and now I had the source of light.

In a Flashback scene, I would like to brief you I am a Practicing dentist in Mumbai, India. Running as a part time dentist at a hospital in the morning and evenings at my own clinic is a tough day call from Morning 9 am to evening 8 pm. Running from one place to other, dealing with patients, blues of dentistry and a name and money to make. May be the very essence of being busy invited the sickness so deep that connected me to my deep self.

On June 16, 2019 -My love for Divination rekindled again: this time in a completely new light – and I used Tarot as a tool to get inner answers about life and its meaning. I had passion for Astrology (Vedic) which I learned in the year 2015. That too was born after some of the most difficult period of my personal life. I looked back at my life and all the major events that shook me from the year 2010 to 2016. Looking retrospectively, I was amazed at the beauty of Astrology, the planetary positions that had a significant impact on my life events that ranged from my post graduate studies to my father’s death to the new beginnings of my life. That was the time I first launched my blog which was known as ASTROLOGICALLY EXPLAINED in September 2016. The blog was for sharing the things I learned. I had views beyond my expectations and soon took a paid domain without ads.

The Love for Divination – was always in background. Using numerology to find lost objects to interpreting dreams and studying signs to know the future right from childhood school days as far as I remember. The Love for Tarot started somewhere in 2013-14. Interest or I would say subtle callings were always there. But it was quite subtle.


The reason why June 16, holds important for me was that at this time I wanted to make my passion for Divination into some tangible reality. In the Past, I was interested in Stocks (Share Market), Photography, Horticulture apart from dentistry being my Mainstream work. But all this passion had a fleeting time lasting few days to few months. Rekindling the passion for Divination made me make up mind to make that passion into a dream reality and put my love for divination into something more tangible. While I continued my inner journey into Tarot and other form of divination it added meaning to my life. Am I free of suffering ? Do I know all the future ? Am I worry free ? Have I got the meaning of Life ? No, none. I am the same, but Divination does one thing for me – it fuels me with inspiration and motivation to learn, practice and share. Let the day be sucking, demanding, frustrating but that special time to learn and practice divination always fuels me and adds meaning and completion to my life. Without which I just can’t imagine how boring and frustrating life could have been or will be.


The love for Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Energy, Oracle , etc had to be combined to one word. And what better word could be the word “DIVINATION.” As per Wiki Definition of Divination: Divination (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to foretell, to predict, to prophesy” related to divinusdivine), is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. The word GEEK as defined by Wikipedia is a Slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non mainstream people; an expert or Enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit with a general pejorative meaning of a Peculiar Person perceived to be overly intellectual or socially awkward. Doctor and Spirituality/ Astrology are contrasting concepts and what better word a Geek can be to get both the meaning !


The Journey from “Passion and Dreams” to put my love for divination into “something more tangible” is the STORY OF DIVINATION GEEK. Over the year from June 16, 2019 to June 16, 2020 I was highly organised. Regular Postings, studies, practice and consistency became my norms. Not one day it has been when I was not in connection with Tarot, Astrology, Dowsing, Oracle or other forms of Divination. The journey was fueled by new learnings – Shamanism, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Card Readings, Reiki, Angel therapy, Chakra Healing, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing and the list can go on and on. When you learn something a lot exponentially due to hard work – it becomes necessary to share. Sharing helps remembering and internalisation of Knowledge. It’s a Cycle – You learn from someone, pass on to someone that’s how knowledge flows. If it flows you can learn more. The result became my site Divination Geek, Instagram Posts, Facebook Page posts and a successful Facegroup: The Divination Tribe !

It was my dream to persist at this passion for at least 1 year in a more structured and organised manner daily so I can make it a lifelong Journey and share a part of what I have learned. This also delineates that my love for Divination is not a fleeting passion but a consistent journey of growth. I have found Science in Divination and we all know Science is all real. Predicting Future has never been the main goal – but finding answers to life – has been!

What is your passion ? How structured are you ? Do you just have a dream ? Can you find yourself in me. The journey of Your Dreams in my Dreams ?

Dreams need structure and organisation to build on. And the fuel for pursuing dreams I believe comes only from Acquiring New Knowledge ! New Knowledge will add Inspiration and motivation, practice and sharing will help internalisation of knowledge and Structure and Organisation will add Consistency and conversion of dreams to reality.

Dr. Rujit Desai

As I complete my dream today on 16 June, 2020 of pursuing my passion in the form of Divination Geek – I am offering my readers and followers a copy of my ebook BASICS OF ASTROLOGY: HOUSES Book 1. This was my First step in my journey as a Divination Geek in a more organised and structured way. Looking forward for years to come and perhaps a lifetime to deepen my love for Divination !

Thank you !

Get your Copy Today !

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The Book is the best place to start learning about Vedic Astrology. These are my notes organised and structured to a book and I would be happy to share them with you !

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