Book Launch

Confused on where to start learning Astrology ? Is it too mind boggling to start ?

That’s what I felt when I started my journey on learning Astrology. Houses, Planets , Aspects, Yogas — Ooofff ! So much too incorporate and it’s so vast. Why is this that way ?

Don’t worry – I can guide you how to just go about we start. You can start with my New Book BASICS OF ASTROLOGY (Book 1). It’s the first place to start with.

Basics of Astrology : Book 1

I am launching the book on June 16, 2020. This day marks a special meaning to me and while tell you on the day of book launch. The book shall be available on Amazon Kindle and E- Copy. It’s worth a read if you want to start with Vedic Astrology. Easy to read – Short simple and sweet.

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Happy Learning !

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