Weekly Reading June 7-13,2020

Card Deck: Sun and Moon Tarot

This week brings energy of new beginnings. Abundance starts to flow.

Sun and Moon Tarot

The abundance cannot always be positive – it could be something of much more. Be it money, worries, happiness or love. Advice is stay away from temptation and addiction

This week does bring good times. And your cup is bound to overflow. Only thing is that you need to be able to receive it.

Someone just offered you a ride to work and you just refused saying “No Thanks” That’s about receiving. How open are you to receiving so that Life blessings can flow into you.

We crib we don’t have enough. But when joy knocks our door – how often we welcome it and receive it ?

So this week while Universe supports you – just be open to blessings that are coming to you and see how it fills and overflows your cup of life !

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