June 2020 Astrological Forecast

The following Prediction is based on WESTERN ASTROLOGY and so you must refer to Your Sun Signs (Birth Dates Mentioned). I have followed the Popular Astrological Principles used for forecasting.

Aries (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

The Month of June brings about changes in your career. There can be opportunities for job change. If possible avoid all major change in career till September 2020. Be careful in dealing with close friends and income may greatly suffer during this phase . Growth in career may be stunted. It is advisable to delay any surgeries and take of care of health. There could be short journeys after 25 June. New skill or hobbies may be developed in this phase. There could be disturbed happiness at home with expenses.

Health of mother needs to be taken care. There could be domestic issues post 21 June. Communication may be misjudged so be careful of what you say. Creativity and communication channels may be improved after 25 June. Real estate purchases should be delayed. Finances may see lot of lot of disruption and changes in this month. This can be closely linked to Career issues especially on or around June 20. Drive Safely. 

Tauras (21 Apr – 21 May)

June brings in a Spiritual Journey and changes in personal beliefs. Relationship with father may be limited and luck may have less to favour. Some travels are also indicated. Major changes in religious beliefs are to be seen. Career is seeing massive transformation. Quiet a difficult period for career. Issues with boss and period of changes are significant. Friends may be helpful and can bring you business. There could be friendly hangouts but avoid blind trust. Take care of health after June 29.

Avoid excessive spending this June. Use money wisely. Frivolous spending can erode your savings. Good period of finance comes post 25 June. Speak wisely so you may not be misunderstood after June 18. Before that you will be able effectively communicate and get your points across. Avoid issues with boss after June 18. This week main focus remains to be your Career, Your father and your Finances. 

Gemini (22 May – 21 June)

This is the month to focus on Self. There could be Marital issues or problems in dealing with others or Business partners. There could be muted growth in gaining money from insurance, loans or inheritance. Health needs to be taken care. There could be sudden illness. Marital life may be disturbed. Issues with father may also pop up. Change in religious belief can be experienced. Luck may not favor you this month. You have to really work hard for things you want.

Long distance travels may not be possible this month. Career and Reputation seems to be in a growth state so it will pick up with time. Up till June 29 – is good for your career and relationships with boss. With Solar eclipse on 21 June expect a long term massive change in your finances. May be good or bad but time will tell. Change is start to happen this month. Take special care of your health. You will receive some information that will be beneficial for your health. Using energy for exercise is the best way to serve your health this month. 

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

June brings reliefs in the form of increased faith in Spirituality. Having faith can move mountains. There can be a lot of problems in dealing with others and may result in unnecessary conflicts. This also indicates marital problems. Conflicts here can bring you lifelong changes so be careful of what you are sowing. It is advisable to take care of your health with eclipse on your sun sign and Saturn Retrograde in 8th house. Delays or problems in claiming for insurance, loans and investments can be seen.

Sudden changes can bring you more problems. Relationship with father may be strained. It is the best time to devote yourself in Spirituality. There could be travels. Be very careful of what you speak as it can result in easy conflicts with others over minor issues especially after Jun 18. Unwanted expenses from health issues and repairs may be possible. Focus remains self and your dealings with other people this month. This is a good month to spend time in solitude and advance your spiritual journey.

Leo (23 July – 22 Aug)

This is the month that can get you some income to spend for items you love. Close friends may bond well especially after June 25. This month brings lots of struggles, issues and conflicts in routine life. There could be job loss for some but for higher good. Those in jobs – may experience a muted growth with dullness. Be careful with your partner as Marital issues are quite common and will be a big cause of worry. This shall continue till September end. Marital life may be quarrelsome. Some of you may have intense energy to dissipate hidden truths as in occult sciences or sexuality.

Marital problem may see a slight relief after June 29. After June 29 seems a lucky period of any passion that you may have. Mercury in Pisces can be bring you lot of knowledge on medical sciences or spirituality. Children can be a source of frustration for some. Eclipse can bring a major change in how you get your Income and can be life changing. Spending some quality time with close friends can be most helpful. 

Virgo (23 Aug – 23 Sep)

The month of June has intense energy in your Marriage house till June 29. How do you take of this energy ? Use it wisely as intense energy can cause conflicts and same applies to business partners. Investment in stock Market is not a good bet. There can be problems relating to children. Those in love affairs tread carefully – just avoid commitment at this point.

There is a lot of problems in relation to jobs and routines. Delays in getting a job are evident. Also major changes at work place may take place. Be careful in dealing with your spouse and business partner. Career and reputation may be good and show improvement only after June 25. Eclipse brings you change in ways how you earn and deal with close friends. There can be increased communication with close friends this month. 

Libra (24 Sep – 23 Oct)

June bring a luck on your side. So use it wisely. Home, Happiness and Mother shall be focus this month. There could be expenses. Happiness may be dull maybe something replaced with feelings of boredom. If you are in real estate- this is not a good time. Avoid all major deals of purchase relating to home or property till September 2020.Take care of your children.

Investment in stock market is not a wise move. Creative projects may see a delay. You have all the energy to deal with the daily problems. Jobs may bring you happy times as you are geared to working and give your best. Avoid long travels till June 25. Your career may seem a massive change in coming times as Eclipse happens in your 10th House. It may be difficult to get your point across. While your energy is high deal with the problems. 

Scorpio (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

June is the best time to get on Creative Projects. Illusion and creativity can bring a master piece. There can be frustration on the financial front. Relationship with relatives may be muted and may not be beneficial. Home life may be disturbed and relationships with mother may be strained. Mothers health also need to be taken care. Avoid all property deals or any major changes (as there will be many) on your home front.

Creative projects and children can bring you passion and happiness. Sex life may be great. There may be lot of financial transaction dealing to insurance, loans or inheritance during this month. Communication with father may be good but be careful after June 18. There can be some good news coming till June 18. Look forward for it. It could be related to your home front. Those looking to move abroad can just get a positive move. 

Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) 

Love blossoms to full after June 24 in marriage. Business partnership after June 24 can bring a lot of beneficial results. There could be sudden gain of important knowledge that will be helpful. Be extra careful of your health and vehicles especially after June 18. Financial difficulties may much more than normal with muted growth and barely money coming in but it can bring a lot of changes.

Creativity and artwork may suffer. Be careful with your relationship with neighbours or colleagues. Home life may see conflicts. Good time to look into property matters. Use the energy wisely as intense energy can bring conflicts. Life partner may be helpful. Take care of your health as you may experience frustration – best way is to communicate with your partner or a closed one. 

Capricorn (22 Dec – 20 Jan) 

Expect an increased communication with Spouse. Relationship with business partner may improve bringing you benefits. Your outlook may be a muted. Moods swings and dull feelings may be common. This can be attributed to financial worries and savings. Invest in creativity and art work or any hobby you like – it will be highly beneficial.

Job may be good and you may not like the work till June 25 after which love for work may emerge. Good time at work can be seen post June 25. Be careful how you communicate with your spouse as after June 18 it can be misunderstood. Do not do fresh business deal during this time as eclipse haunts the Libra Sign of Business dealings. There can be lot changing in coming times in Business and Marriage. 

Aquarius (21 Jan – 19 Feb)

Children can be a source of Joy. New creative projects and period of changes are to be seen in June. There could be intense frustration on personal front. Take care of your health. This can be closely attributed to feelings of isolation and being locked down. Personal Belongings and finances may become dear to you.

You may strongly fight for what is yours but should not harm others. Illusions of what is the truth can block your visions about family matters. Good period from June 25. Be careful of what you speak as after Jun 18 it may lead to conflicts. New information related to work can come up. Income can get you frustration as it may not be as it was or should be. Exercise during this period can be helpful. 

Pisces (20 Feb – 20 Mar)

June brings you intense energetic feelings within you. The power of yourself. Direct the energy wisely. Exercise can be a very good option. Personal Savings may see a rise after June 28. You may spend in getting new things for your home. A happy family life can be seen post June 25. Relationship with mother may be improved.

Increased communication with children may be seen. Some news and information on creativity can help you. If you are in Love – communication may be heightened at this time. Finances may be difficult with muted income growths. Take extra care of health. Focus on creativity and love this month. 

The Above Reading is based on Western Astrology of Popular Forecasting personally done by me (Dr. Rujit Desai). Feedback would be most welcomed at the end of June 2020. It is quite clear that period till September 2020 are quite challenging for most Zodiac Signs.

We have a Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) 5-6 June and Annular Solar Eclipse on 21 June, 2020.


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