Astrology and Covid-19

When will Covid – 19 end ? When science fails to answer such question. It is innate human trait to turn to higher source or sources beyond control for answers. This article looks into the correlation of Astrology and Covid-19.

It is easy to think and say when all the astrological data and everything was available why was no one able to predict the Covid – 19 Pandemic ? Well, there were some books that did mention and threw some light on this events. Personally I haven’t read them but if you would like to read – Dean Koontz – The eye of darkness and Sylvia Brown – End of Days. You may check out.

Why was there a failure to predict the event of Pandemic by the normal geeks of astrology or renowned Astrologers ? I can shortlist a few reasons to you based on what it means to read and interpret Astrology.

  1. The formation of certain planetary alignment was there in December 2019 which cannot be overlooked.
  2. One can be able to pinpoint something major can happen but not what. 
  3. The knowledge of Astrology is far extensive to be applied accurately.
  4. Trust me – it takes a hard time studying planets and their positions and their effects on a day to day basis . I would rather sip a coffee and enjoy the movie rather than mess around on how it is made ! 

But the purpose of this article is not what Astrology can do or if Covid 19 was destined. As a student of Astrology or someone who wants to marvel the beauty of God or Astronomy this article has food for thought. I believe the best way to learn Astrology is Retrospective. Look at events than check planetary combinations and see if those planetary combinations support the event. Bet me … You will be amazed … Everytime there is a link. This is also the best way to Learn Astrology !

So, let’s see retrospectively and if Correlation exist between Covid 19 outbreak and Astrology. Using this data – we can try to estimate and predict when will the Covid 19 Menace improve or end.  

But before starting – I need to give you few rules of Astrology relevant to this article. This will help you or anyone who does not know astrology to understand the article. Take the rules as hard written – I won’t explain why : it’s Astrological Science and is beyond the scope of this article. Note that this analysis is from Tropical EphimerisWestern Astrology and not Indian Astrology

Rules to remember: 

  1. Retrograde Planets (Planets appearing to move reverse from Earth) represent PERIOD OF CHANGES and bizarre effects.
  2. Pluto brings above mass events or events of destruction far enough that involve multiple countries or masses of planet. (Pluto was discovered when there was a mass movement at the Time Hitler in Germany). 
  3. Eclipse bring about Massive changes in the world especially Total Solar Eclipse. Sometimes, effects may be muted immediately but when a transiting (moving) planet activates it – effects act as a time bomb and cause exploding effects.
  4. Planets look each other and creates additional effects called Aspects

Covid-19 Origins

Covid 19 had its origin in December 2019 roughly. Let’s look at the Sky and see what was happening in December 2019. The following can be noted: 

  1. There was a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on Dec 26, 2020
  2. Notice the eclipse path – it covers China. (link:
  3. Sun moved to Capricorn from Sagittarius in Dec 23, 2019
  4. Mercury moved to Capricorn on Dec 30, 2019
  5. Venus was in Capricorn till 20 Dec 2019
  6. Saturn (Malefic) was in Capricorn in Dec 2019
  7. Jupiter was in Capricorn in Dec 2019
  8. Pluto (Mass Movements) was in Capricorn 
5 Planets and Eclipse (Sun and Moon) in Capricorn

So, it interesting to note that in Dec 2019 we had Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto (almost 6 Planets) in Capricorn. This was coupled with a Total Solar Eclipse on Dec 26, 2019


Eclipse are like mines; set and when time comes with transits of planets it explodes to big events. But eclipse occur every year but does that mean every time world faces big threats ? Not really – it requires planetary combinations and aspects to activate it. Here in Dec 2019 – we had almost 6 planets to activate. Note that it was Solar Eclipse and The Sun was also in Capricorn. Capricorn in Kaal Purusha represents 10th House – which represents Outside World (in contrast to your inner world – home, etc). 

Let’s take a few past events to throw light on eclipse. 

Turkey Earthquake – 17 Aug 1999 (Death toll: 17,000) 

There was a total Solar Eclipse on 11 Aug 1999. Sun and Moon were in Leo and  Mars, Saturn and Uranus formed a Grand Cross ( An Aspect in Western Astrology that is harmful in simplest terms). Saturn was contra parallel to Uranus. The excess energy precipitates as Massive earthquake in Turkey. Turkey was exactly in the path of Eclipse.

Path of Eclipse (Image Courtesy:
Path of Eclipse (Image Courtesy:


This eclipse of 1999 had an intense energy which was later activated by transits of fast moving planets (Remember – Eclipse are land mines of energy waiting to be activated) Uranus was exactly opposite to The degree of Eclipse in 1999. This slow moving planet added stressful energy on the energy of Eclipse which was triggered by aspect of a fast moving planet on the day of 9/11. It’s like shooting a bullet on a landlmine and it will create an explosion. Venus was the fast moving planet on precise location of eclipse 2 years back that was 18.22 degrees of Leo. Sun from Virgo aspected (looked) Venus on the day of event further activating and acting as a trigger for explosion to come.

COVID – 19 : Dec 2019

So, as we understand the role of eclispe, something becomes clear – something big is happening. We have removed the aspects part to simplify understanding and study correlation of Covid 19 and Astrological Events.

Isn’t 6 Major planets in Capricorn with a Total Solar Eclipse in Dec 2019 – a sign for something massive to happen ? And we have a Covid 19 Pandemic !

Take a Look at Pathway of TOTAL Solar Eclipse on Dec 2019

Areas where Total Eclipse was seen (
Notice the involvment of China and South East Countries where Virus first started to spread is in line with areas where Solar Eclipse could be seen. (Image Courtesy:

As we gaze the pathway of Solar eclipse it becomes clear the correlation between the spread of Virus from China and the South east Asia which were the first ones to get affected AND the Eclipse Pathway activated by Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn.

Aren’t this correlation an eye-opener and Amazing ?

The purpose is to establish a connection of life events with Planets and Astrology and not get caught in web of predicting right or wrong things. Astrology is a Science and should be studied as a Science and not as Bogus Predictions Outlook of being right and wrong. 

When will the Covid 19 end ? 

Well, it is interesting to note that Eclipse effects with such triggers don’t settle quickly . It can be long lasting … But when can it all end – After all Science must give Answers and Astrology is a Science. If you look at horoscopes of this few months (Check out your June 2020 forecast) it’s mostly negative for most people. 

That’s because Jupiter is RETROGRADE (period of change) and Debilitated (Weak) in Capricorn. Jupiter stands for Growth and Expansion with optimism. But its effects are completely mulled by it being debilitated and retrograde. So, here we are in lockdown – muted growth no expansion and loss of economy.

Saturn is RETROGRADE in Aquarius. Saturn is known to create problems, obstructions, delays, frustrations and add responsibilities and burdens. Being retrograde the negative qualities further enhance. And we have all sorts of problems relating to delays, frustrations and piling events that are of negative nature.

Jupiter ends Retrograde in 13 September 2020 and move to Aquarius on 20 December 2020 so it becomes powerful once again ( Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn). Saturn ends Retrograde on 29 September 2020.

It is interesting to note that we have Annular Solar Eclipse on 21 June, 2020 in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse on 5/6 June, 2020. Big reason to worry ? Not yet but Second wave of infections can be seen post 21 June 2020.

So, Covid 19 is here to stay as effects of eclipse are long lasting but expect a relief and considerable massive improvement / change / milestone success from SEPTEMBER 29, 2020. Till then brace yourself and be careful !


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