June 2020 Tarot Reading – Does June bring us Freedom from Covid ?


General Outlook for Month of July, 2020. Covid-19 Influence in Mumbai, India and World. What should you know and Do during these times ?

Deck used:

Morgan Greer Tarot


Mumbai – India – World

What Should I know – What Should I do 
Dropped Cards 

June 2020 Cards Picked from Morgan Greer Tarot


The Month of June brings theme of Control, Adjustments, building up and hope for a bright future. The war continues to tackle the crisis with the people in power well indicated by the Court Cards – Kings and the Queens. Vibrant Intense Energies dominate June. It’s not energy of victory or success but of intense work and determination to make things move. 


Mumbai may still see a Lock down but indicated by the person working in indoors or at home in the card imagery. So, work may take up but it won’t be full fledge or a could be work from home. But work is on cards – home or office. Most (not all) of the things might get back though still not complete. The 3 of Pentacles is the card of achievement and recognition. But it’s still at naive – like a student who just got graduated – the battle for Mumbai against Covid is still to continue and there is a lot yet to come.


India will now be shifting its focus to economy as very well depicted by the Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles represents money and finance. The focus for India in June is to Nurture the Economy. The battle shall continue but economy is more on cards – it’s more of Living with the Virus rather than battling it – which is well shown by the Strength Card which shows how woman takes the lion with grace – A perfect analogy to adaption and making the new normal with Covid – 19.


World is also still not free of the crisis. Many new places may be on list. Countries may show a harsh response to problems continuing. The fight against Covid will intensify and truth may be actively be looked for. This can bring in many Cold War and tense situations between nations. The Page of Swords is a naive person looking fro truths and ready to defend or attack if need be.

What Should You Know ?

It’s time for you to gear up. Work may show moves but not yet- but it’s time to be ready as things may get to start moving. If you know something about the Tarot, the wands in tarot represents work and passion and the person is a Knight who is dressed in his armour. So, expect due care if you look forward to work. It’s still not safe. Without armour you may be a victim. It’s time to be alert and follow all norms to protect you at a personal level. The ball is in your court now. Work is not the same – the armor is needed to guard yourself !

What should you do ?

The Card of Sun brings in happiness and prosperity. This indicates good period and time for happiness and a somewhat improved life than what was in the past. As an advice it’s time to go with flow. It’s not total freedom yet but things will improve dramatically. The call is to make your hay while the Sun shines. With the Strength Card, you are advised to modify your ways of living and deal with the problem with strength and calmness while adapting to the situation. 

Concise View:

The King of swords representing State Government which came as a dropped card –  is still showing up as it has been showing up in the past few readings. So, wherever you are – your local Government and local authorities have a big role play yet to play that will affect you and your life significantly – do not discard that – “significantly !”

Make your Hay while the Sun shines. Changes are coming. The cards are not overly negative ruling out extreme conditions of those making a grimy picture. The authorities will still have a lot of influence.With the Sun shining on the reading, new prospects are sure to open up. Happy June ! 

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