Weekly Reading May 24-31, 2020

Deck used: Fairy Tale Lenormand

This week brings a message from Lenormand Cards – Fairy Tales. This cards brings in Luck this week.

If something isn’t working for you on a personal level (not global) followed by repeating frustrations. This week can get in some Luck.

Clover – Lenormand Card

There is a choice to be made. Indecision can come over – the best way is to think over it in a calm manner. All can work well when you have a calm and composed mind.

It’s time to get in connection to Nature. If you are anxious or furious- take a walk on a green grass or ground with bare foot and feel the grounding. You will feel relaxed.

Help can come from someone that can give you the comfort, luck and security. This is time to relax and enjoy the moments in peace while you can safely rest your worries.

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