Weekly Reading May 10-16, 2020

Deck Used: The Akashic Tarot Deck

This week brings out The Three of Scrolls – Setting Your Course

In Akashic Records and this deck, Scroll means information, Knowledge and New Insights.

Weekly Reading

The card imagery shows the Captain looking through his scope and two officers nearby refer to unrolled charts.

This brings the message of looking forward – how do you look forward for this week ? What is that you want to get it done this week and is completely under your control that you can achieve it.

This week also brings you support of your co-workers or family members who will help you and assist you. The week can bring you problems, ups and downs of emotions represented by the wild ocean.

Here the sea is calm and the wind is just enough to make the sea sail peacefully – so what you can expect is a smooth week while you look forward about the future – if what is to come next.

The card also means re-checking. It means you need to assess your life where you have reached and how can you steer your life forward.

So, the week message is to focus on what you desire to look forward for the time to come.

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