Weekly Reading May 3-9, 2020

Deck used: The Universe has your back

Do I fear ? Am i worried ? Are things turning nasty ? Will I be broke ? Will things settle down ?

These are some of the genuine worries as an Archetype we have at some point of life, especially in situations of Pandemic.

The Reason for such worries is our disconnection from the Source. Easy to say and understand but very difficult living it in day to day practice because it requires practice, patience and beliefs.

Think of a situation when we experience being “in the zone” – does time slow down ? Are we in full awareness ? Are we happy ? Are we excited? Are we like – yay this is it ?

That’s the feeling when you are connected to The Source or Universe or God or whatever you may call it. When we disconnect we feel anxious, worried and blocked.

So, how do we go about ? By simply believing that The Universe has our back – otherwise you would not have survived in the first place. The best way to connect is through being joyful.

Be joyful and see how doors to creation open up. Joy is the ultimate creator. Think of a time when you were more creative or when you made a beautiful piece of artwork or sang with a sweet voice or you got your task done right – was Joy involved at any point ? If yes – you got it: Joy is the ultimate creator

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